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We pitch the Mercedes-Benz EQS against the Tesla Model S!

Now that Mercedes-Benz has revealed pricing details about its EQS electric sedan, it is inevitable that the car will be compared to other high-end EVs. In this article, we pitch the Mercedes-Benz EQS against the Tesla Model S!

We start with the price, which places both models in the luxury category.

EQS vs Model S: Price

The EQS starts at an eye-watering $103,360. While it is surprisingly cheaper than the base version of the gas-powered Mercedes-Benz S series, the EQS has a starting price that is significantly higher than that of the Model S, which starts at $90,000. Tesla regularly changes the price, though.

If you want the top trim of the EQS, the 580 4Matic Pinnacle, it starts at $126,000. On Tesla’s side, the top trim of the Model S, the Plaid version, starts higher at $130,000.

It is worth noting that only the EQS qualifies for the federal tax credit incentive and can help slash $7,500.

Now that we know where each car stands on the price, we will compare them on driving range.

EQS vs Model S: Battery, range, and charging

While we await EPA’s verdict on the EQS range, it has been certified for 487 miles by European standards, which tend to be more optimistic. EPA will probably place it near 400 miles, which is by no means a small feat.

According to the EPA, Tesla sells the Model S Long Range version that can last 405 miles on a single charge. It used to be the king of EV’s based on the range until Lucid snatched the crown with its Lucid Air Dream edition that lasts a whopping 520 miles, using a combination of a bigger battery pack and performance optimizations.

When it comes to charging, both the EQS and Model S are no slouch as they best most electric vehicles on the road today. The EQS takes 200 kW, meaning it can add 186 miles in just 15 minutes. The Model S does better and can receive up to 250 kW, translating to 200 miles added in 15 minutes.

Both models are suitable for longer trips where the driver will stop for short breaks. However, how do they compare in performance?

EQS vs Model S: Performance

Either model is plenty fast for non-pro racing drivers. The Model S shoots from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and attains a maximum speed of 155 mph. You can even go faster with the Plaid edition, which does the same acceleration in under two seconds using a tri-motor system that produces 1,020 hp!

We told you how the Model S Plaid smashed the record for fastest production electric car at the Nurburgring.

With the EQS, the 580 4Matic produces 516 hp and 631 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes only 4.1 seconds.

You will likely never push both cars to their limits, but the interior is one aspect that you will use most. Let’s see what each vehicle has to offer in that department.

EQS vs Model S: Interior

You know you can always expect class and luxury from Mercedes-Benz. Still, nothing prepares you for the giant dashboard in the EQS that the German automaker calls the Hyperscreen. It stretches from side to side and offers three different screens for the instrument cluster, central console, and front passenger screen. However, it is optional, and you can get only two screens if you are not willing to spend more.

The rest of the interior is spacious and comfortable, definitely, money well spent, with wood accents, quilted leather, glittering buttons, etc.

The Model S is a contrast with its sparse and minimal design. That is not to say it is not comfortable nor pleasant to look at; it is just a matter of taste. As you would expect of a Tesla, there are no buttons, and there is a giant touchscreen placed in landscape for interacting with the controls.

Another difference is the steering wheel. While Mercedes-Benz puts the tested and trusted circular wheel in the EQS, Tesla has insisted on a yoke. The controversial choice has fans, supporters, and people who don’t care and just want to go from one place to another. However, early reviews indicate it adds nothing useful to the driving experience and neither degrades it.

EQS vs Model S: Verdict

The Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S are well-equipped electric cars, despite coming from companies with markedly different legacies.

Written by HackerVibes

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