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Mercedes-Benz recalls the 2022 EQS for issues with the infotainment system

The Mercedes-Benz EQS might be one of the luxurious electric sedans, but it is not without its flaws. The German manufacturer is recalling the car to fix an issue where riders can watch a video while the vehicle is in motion.

Mercedes threw in everything that makes a car top-of-the-line into the EQS, making it a worthy flagship. It boasts one of the most extended driving ranges in the industry. Inside, the EQS is very comfortable with top-quality materials. It also has a class-leading dashboard named the Hyperscreen.

It has now turned out the Hyperscreen is the weak point of the EQS. The screen is unusually large, running from one side of the car to the other. It is divided into three segments, with one serving as the instrument cluster while the middle section serves as the center console. The third screen is meant for the front passenger.

The screen and the rest of the car’s infotainment system are run by Mercedes’ MBUX, a tech the company recently debuted.

Now, Mercedes is recalling the EQS because the cutting-edge tech has a serious oversight. It allows TV programming or content from the internet to continue playing even after the car has started moving. Mercedes reported this issue to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by itself late in November.

This oversight could prove to be a distraction to the driver, who can have their attention drawn away from the road by focusing on what is shown on the display. It puts the occupants of the EQS and other road users at risk because distracted driving can end in fatal accidents. NHTSA reported 3,142 people died in the US due to distracted driving accidents.

Mercedes said the problem was caused by an incorrect configuration on its backend server in November that might have found its way onto some EQS. There have been no crashes attributed to the misconfiguration, but Mercedes is springing into action nonetheless.

The automaker has issued a server-side update to address the situation.

Mercedes, however, is not having a full-blown recall like General Motors is doing with the recall of the Chevy Bolt due to a battery defect that could cause fire accidents. The number of EQS affected is just a little over 200 units affected, while General Motors has to deal with over 100,000 Bolts.

If you own an affected EQS, you will be notified in January, although you might not have to do anything as the problem has been addressed at the backend.

In contrast, it was recently revealed by several Tesla owners that an update enabled playing some games while the car is in motion, as opposed to how the car had to be parked first before. Many Tesla owners have raised an alarm over the apparent risk of distraction while driving, with some of them filing a complaint with the NHTSA.

Tesla tries to prevent the driver from playing the games but the safety precaution can easily be bypassed by a determined driver. Even when a passenger is the one playing the game, the driver could end up distracted by looking at the screen, a gesture that can spell disaster within seconds.

In related Tesla news, the upcoming Cybertruck was spotted running testing laps on the company’s in-facility race track. The prototype sported several changes and updates, including a huge windshield wiper.

The wiper is unsightly due to its size, but the dimensions are necessary to cover the extended sloping windscreen. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said he was frustrated by the wiper himself, but the company has no choice but to follow regulations, which mandates wipers on vehicles. Apparently, the design team didn’t think of the wiper when deciding on the styling.

More changes will come to the Cybertruck before it hits production next year, including side mirrors that the prototypes have been missing. Musk prefers to install cameras but has his hands tied by regulations that require road-worthy vehicles to have a pair of side mirrors.

Tesla hopes to start production of the electric pickup truck in 2022.

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