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MacBook Pro M1X – All you need to know about the new Apple Silicon

If you’re holding off to buy a new MacBook Pro, the wait is finally over as the second generation of the Apple Silicon range, the M1X processor is expected to hit the market very soon. Apple’s mid-September event gave us some amazing new products; iPhone 13, an improved Apple Watch 7, iPad Mini 6, and an updated entry-level iPad.

But there was no appearance of the MacBook Pro. More recently, there were rumors that the company will again reinitiate their 14-inch model paired with a new spot-on design for the 16-inch model. And based on the reliable sources of these changes, comes the most powerful processor designed by Apple that you can find in any laptop. Or is it?

There’s only one way to find out!

What is the Apple M1X?

Well, the name is up in the air, so we’re calling it as well – The M1X is a widely anticipated Apple Silicon processor that will soon power your 16-inch MacBook model. Remember back in 2020, when Apple launched the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro model with M1, people were anticipated what the performance would be and if it could support third-party software or not.

Fast forward today, the Apple M1 processor is by far the best CPU you can have on your laptop. Paired with unparalleled Apple engineering of software and hardware, you’ve got a device that performed neck to neck with many expensive laptops.

The M1X is the second generation of the most powerful M1 processor. Currently, the M1 processor has 8 CPU and GPU cores (Both in Air and Pro models). Rumors indicate that the M1X will power 12 CPU cores and up to 16 GPU cores on the high-end model. That’s a lot of raw power you can utilize in a MacBook.

When will the new MacBook Pro launch?

It was likely that the company would launch the MacBook Pro in the September event, but Apple wanted the iPhone series to be the main talking point of the event. Hence, they shifted the MacBook launch to mid-October. Many rumors suggest that the launch date is expected to be 12 October with pre-book starting from early November.

What can we expect in the new MacBook Pro Models?

Well, based on previous-generation models, there’s not much you can expect in terms of major design improvements.

  1. New Mini-LED Display Screen

A Mini-LED backlight display is another given, and an extremely welcome one: not that Apple displays are bad in the past, but knowing that your display supports HDR is something else. A new 3456 x 2234 Retina display is expected to come in the 16-inch model with a pixel density of 226 PPI.

The big display panel will be something similar to what we see on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. Alternatively, the new display will deliver much higher crisp picture clarity, an improved black shadow spot, and hopeful support for HDR 4K content. Paired this with the new M1X processor and you have the best photo and video editing machine.

  1. No Touch Bar

The touch bar is something that not all Apple fans are proud of, but it’s still a nice little feature to have in the Pro models. Apple this time around is expected to ditch the touch bar and introduced the good old function keys. Mini-LED on paper generates more heat than other backlights so it all makes sense to remove the touch bar.

  1. More Ports

The only place where Apple lacks is the port department. With only 2-4 USB-C ports available in the laptop models, Apple really wants us to use dongles and hubs. They have stripped a lot of ports that people rely on, including the SD card slot, MagSafe connector, and HDMI connection.

Some rumors indicate that Apple will be bringing these ports back, along with a bunch of USB4 ports. This will significantly increase the productivity of a lot of people since they have to rely on Hubs and ports to transfer their data.

Although the news is good and all, if Apple replace the USB4 charging with the MagSafe, it would be terrible. USB-C ports are designed to deliver up to 96W fast charging on MacBook models. The previous generation of MagSafe was only limited to 85W charging.

  1. No Face ID

Apple introduced the 1080p webcam in the recent M1 update, but honestly, the picture quality is still terrible. They already have a very good camera system in the iPhone lineup of series but it’s probably not going to see its sheer light on the laptop. But while Touch ID is likely to remain, we won’t see the Face ID feature anywhere soon.

  1. New Aesthetics

Of all the rumors we’ve mentioned above, this one varies a lot. Almost all the devices Apple launched this year include a new aesthetical design, which harkens back to the iPhone 4 age. You’ve got the new Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and the iMac. The MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models are expected to follow the same flat-edged profile.

What’s the price of the MacBook Pro M1X?

In addition to all the upgrades, Apple has planned to replace the 13-inch MacBook Pro models with the 14-inch – Meaning that we would see a bit of a price hike. Currently, the base model of MacBook Pro 13-inch with M1 starts at $1299 and MacBook Pro 16-inch with Intel starts at $2799. The prices will be closer to this range but it’s a higher chance that they might increase a bit.

Trusted Take – Final Opinion

The M1X is expected to hit the market very soon and the fans are already pumped up to buy this device. Apple has been long in the processor game, with their iPhone models performing one of the best in the market – It is time they enter the laptop market as well.

The MacBook Pro is already a very good laptop, but with Apple silicon running under the hood, it will be better. The only concern is the price, since Apple makes all the things now, it’s up to them to make this device accessible to more people.

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