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Alleged thieves that attacked the set of Netflix’s Lupin series charged by French police

When you are filming a video that the plot center on stealing, you must be on guard against people that want to make it real. This is a lesson learned by the film crew of Netflix’s hit series, Lupin. Thieves invaded the set and made off with equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in France. However, seven of the alleged thieves have been charged to court.

About twenty thieves wearing hoods stormed the set of Lupin and set off fireworks, allowing them to escape with filming equipment worth more than $300,000. The attack occurred in broad daylight.

Fortunately, nobody at the scene was injured. However, production was forced to a brief halt.

The attack took place in the Nanterre district in the western section of central Paris.

Apparently, the life imitating art did not end as the thieves imagined as seven of them have been arrested and charged for the crime. The accused are aged from 13 to 21. The charges against them include armed robbery as part of an organized gang and receiving stolen goods.

Three of the accused are locked up as they await trial, while four, apparently juveniles, are under judicial supervision.

The police have recovered some of the stolen items but are still in pursuit of the rest of the gang.

Lupin is the story of a professional thief based on the fictional master of disguise, Arsene Lupin. The main character, Assane Diop, is played by Omar Sy.

The first season of Lupin, released last year, has been watched by millions worldwide and is the first wildly successful French series on Netflix. Viewers eagerly await the second season.

So when Netflix eventually releases the second season, remember a group of thieves tried to make it real on the set.

Meanwhile, Lupin isn’t the only big Netflix project to be attacked by thieves. Just hours before the Lupin heist, The Crown TV series set lost more than 200 antique props to thieves in South Yorkshire, UK. The stolen items were worth up to £150,000 and included a replica of a Faberge egg owned by the Queen’s grandfather.

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