LG releases StandbyME TV to follow you anywhere in the house

Have you ever wished your TV could follow you around the house instead of remaining stuck on a wall in the living room? If you are that deep into a relationship with your TV, LG has released details about its new TV, the StandbyME.

It is not yet CES where manufacturers bring all kinds of inventions to wow humanity. However, as the name suggests, the battery-powered TV will trail you everywhere in your apartment, including the bedroom, kitchen, patio, and even the bathroom. It means you can enjoy your TV shows with no interruptions.

Image Credit- LG

The 27-inch TV rests on a height-adjustable stand with wheels built into the base. You can rotate the TV swivel or tilt it.

Total watch-time on the battery is three, enough for a full-length movie. However, for longer sessions like the Titanic or shows with multiple episodes, you can plug in the TV. That is still a plus as you can move close to a socket so that you can binge on your shows for as long as you like.

However, if you want the TV even closer to you, the StandbyME is detachable from its stand, and you can place it on your lap in the bed or sofa.

The StandbyME TV is touchscreen-enabled, making it easy to control like a giant tablet. You do not require a remote control. Other features include streaming support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. The TV also supports NFC so that you can mirror your phone to it and sports USB and HDMI ports, which hints at using it as a monitor.

There are no details yet on the screen resolution or the presence of HDMI. However, since LG does not produce OLED panels in the 27-inch region, the StandbyME is likely LCD.

The design is stylish, and the color means it will blend in easily with the rest of your interior. The back of the StandbyME TV is covered in fabric.

In addition to the StandbyME, LG has another unconventional TV, the Objet. It is a luxury and stylish OLED TV that leans against the wall while standing on the floor. This means you do not need to fasten it to the wall or set it on a table or drawer.

Image Credit- LG

The Objet has a fabric-covered part, too, but it rests below the TV until you make it ride up mechanically with a remote. It acts as a cover for the 65-inch screen when you tire of watching the TV or want to avoid distraction.

LG says you can choose between three colors for the cover, all designed by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat.

Interestingly, you can set the TV in two different modes. The first mode is the Full View, which keeps the cover below the TV so that you can see the whole screen, while the second is the Line View, a mode that covers the screen, save for a small portion. The exposed part will display the date and time, and also shows widgets that display the weather or the music you are currently playing.

The Objet has an OLED Evo Panel that LG first used on the 2021 G1 series. It produces a higher peak brightness than the older OLEDs made by LG. The Objet TV has a built-in 80 watt, 4.2 channel sound system for superior sounds.

If this sounds like something you want in your living room, you will have to wait as LG is yet to release pricing and availability details. The company should provide more info during CES 2022, which is just around the corner. However, it should be on the market in a matter of months.

Samsung is following similar design themes with its TVs that combine traditional TV functions and art displays.

Written by HackerVibes

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