LG showcases a reclining throne that allows you watch TV

LG must have realized that some of us prefer to watch TV while perched on a throne, which has to be why the Korean company is showcasing the Media Chair, which elevates the mundane activity of watching TV to royalty levels.

The Media Chair is introduced as a concept and not an actual product, which is disappointing because of the intriguing combination of a rotating curved 55-inch OLED TV and a comfortable reclining chair for only you. It would have been best for the rare times you wish to watch TV alone but in maximum comfort.

However, all hope is not lost because an LG spokesperson told The Verge that the company is working with a massage chair manufacturer to make the units someday.

Even before the massage accessories maker gets their hands on the Media Chair, this ‘product’ already contains lots of vibrations. For example, the display uses LG Display’s Cinematic Sound OLED tech to produce audio by making the screen vibrate. There are also premium speakers within the chair that creates vibration as you enjoy your content. Therefore, it is not surprising that a massage chair maker will jump at the concept and commercialize it.

The TV itself has a 1500R curve, designed to offer the perfect focal distance away from a person. This allows you to get an optimal viewing experience. But that’s not all the TV is capable of, as you can rotate it if you prefer to consume your content in portrait mode. This can quickly be achieved by pressing a button on the single arm of your reclining throne.

Thanks to the fixed position of the TV on the chair frame, it will always be in your line of sight, regardless of the angle of recline you have chosen.

The whole unit has a stylish design and finishing so that it will not stand out in your living room, or anywhere else you feel it is appropriate to park this amazing throne TV,

There is no price information yet, although that will come from the company wishing to sell the Media Chair and not LG. However, it is safe to assume it will cost top dollars. If priced in line with other exciting technologies from LG, like the rollable TV that costs $100,000, you might resign yourself to a life that sadly does not include this TV throne combo.

However, LG has another curved display to try to interest you in. This time, it is a brave attempt to recreate the experience of outdoor cycling while you stay put in your apartment.

The Virtual Ride, which LG will also bring to CES 2022, uses a system of three curved OLED screens to expose you to virtual outdoor. Each screen is 4k and measures 55 inches.

However, something tells us that with few modifications, the Virtual Ride can also work for folks that prefer to sweat by jogging or running.

LG thinks the Virtual Ride can replace VR headsets, although it obviously lacks 3D depth. The width is also not wide enough for the immersive experience LG wants you to have.

The TV display unit curves at a point to a radius of 500 mm or 500R, which is one of the tightest bends on a large display. One of the closest competitors, the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor from last year, has 1000R and even the throne TV has 1500R.

There is no information on whether another company is bringing this concept to the market, so you can firmly pump the brakes on any expectation.

If you wonder what is going on at LG HQ for them to pursue ‘products’ like this, remember it is the same company that showed off the scorpion chair and a fully immersive toilet to make your time answering nature’s call the best part of your day.

Keep the weird concepts coming, LG. We are ready to be wowed.

Written by HackerVibes

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