LG shows off a raft of innovative transparent display at CES 2022

LG Display is on a tear these days, with concepts that promise to change how we experience TVs. The latest innovation from the company meant for CES 2022 is transparent OLED screens. Yes, transparent, meaning you can see what is behind them!

The transparent screen is spawning the OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window.

The first transparent piece of LG Display wares is the OLED Shelf, made up of two see-through OLED screens that are 55-inch diagonally. As the name implies, they are mounted on each other and have a shelf at the top. The space at the top comes in handy for positioning ornamental objects, but you must be careful not to break the screen while moving them.

However, the OLED Shelf can simultaneously display art and a TV show on the two screens. There is an Always On display mode that keeps the screen on all the time. You can set the screen to always stay on like a piece of painting when you display art on it.

Interestingly, you can place art behind the screen when it is off, and since the TV is transparent, you will see and appreciate your art. LG even added a screen that can roll down mechanically to improve the visual experience.

The OLED Shelf comes on a pedestal that contains the electronics that control the display.

The second display, the Shopping Managing Showcase, is meant for businesses, which LG clarifies as luxurious departmental stores. However, all LG has done here is to place a transparent screen on a wooden stand that is admittedly stylish. You can then put your physical products behind the screen. The main draw is you can put any text or image on the screen.

This unit will be great for displaying more info about the products behind the display. For example, if you have multiple items, you can cycle through the details of each product quickly without having to replace printed materials physically. Since the information is digital, you can easily edit or update it. It also gives you the freedom to use as many eye-catching graphics as you like to promote your products.

But more importantly, the Shopping Managing Showcase will impress your shoppers.

Next is the Show Window, where LG Display has transformed another 55-inch transparent screen into an eye-catching product display. This OLED screen can serve as a window display unit. This is, of course, better and easier to use for shop owners than window decals, as you can easily change the information you display. This display is different from the rest because it is already being used in a fashion store in Seoul, South Korea. You can also spot them used for exhibiting art at The Smithsonian, subway car windows in China and Japan, etc.

Lastly, LG Display talked about the Smart Window, another transparent screen meant for the office. It will be used for video calls and presentations. However, since LG did not provide images for the Smart Window, it is hard to comment on its usefulness.

Bear in mind that save for the Show Window, all the products mentioned here are concepts. They might never become actual products that you can buy. However, since it is LG Display showcasing these transparent screens, they might team up with other manufacturers to make the products happen. LG Display exists to showcase what is possible with LG screens, and we must say this is an impressive showing.

LG Display has showcased many innovative concepts in the past, including see-through screens. It recently showed off a throne-like reclining chair with a curved screen attached for when you want to relax fully while watching TV in solo mode.

Written by HackerVibes

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