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Kohler brings you the digital bathroom with voice commands and more at CE 2022

There is no reason your bathroom time should not be chockfull of tech, and you can have your fill of it with the new features announced by Kohler at CES 2022.

If you ever dreamed of talking to your bathtub, Kohler will let you do so with Alexa or Google. This means you can tell your bathtub to fill up with water while you are downstairs, gaming, or entertaining guests. The last scenario will surely amaze your visitors and also alert them to plan their exit.

The PerfectFill tub contains a drain kit and a digitally controlled valve that you can activate with voice input once you have set it up. It also sets the temperature to your liking, all these while preventing a single drop of water from spilling onto your bathroom floor.

There is even a Kohler bath app for those that take their bath time seriously. If your household is large, you can program custom bath profiles for up to ten people, including your favorite pet.

When you are done having your luxurious bath and suitably refreshed, you do not even need to stress yourself pulling the plug to drain the bath. A voice command or app command is more than capable, although it is debatable why it is more convenient to go through an app instead of physically pulling the plug.

What is not debatable is how expensive this tech-fueled body cleaning setup is. The PerfectFill starts at $2,700, but you won’t get all the tech Kohler has to offer until you upgrade. You also have to pay for a professional to install the bath for you.

You can order your PerfectFill this year (2022, for those who need a reminder that we have left the old year behind).

But that is not all the bath time luxury Kohler brought to CES 2022. There is the Stillness Bath that made an appearance last year but is now an actual product. This tub offers you the PerfectFill tech and extras, like light, fog, and aroma, to turn bath times into a spa-like experience. However, this will cost you starting from $8,000.

For folks that money represents no issues, the Infinity Experience is an add-on they could consider. It lets the uber-rich fill the tub to the edges, with water running off into a wood base. Listening to the sound of the water gently lapping into the base is relaxing enough for any troubled soul.

The base model of the Stillness Bath has a firmer availability date as you can place an order starting from the first quarter of 2022. The higher trims will be available in the third quarter, with prices to be announced later.

Kohler is exporting the hands-free water control experience to the kitchen with a faucet that is suspended from the ceiling. The Purist Suspend has a remote control that lets you turn the faucet on and off and also adjust the water temperature. Bear in mind that this sophisticated faucet can rotate 180 degrees.

There are more smart home gadgets from the stable of Kohler this year, as you can buy the H2Wise water monitor. It detects if there is a leak and can be shut off through an app. There is the standard and Pro version, but the latter has to be installed by a professional. They cost $400 and $667 respectively and are available for order starting from January.

Back in the bathroom, Kohler wants you to install the Robern IQ Digital Lock Box in your vanity cabinet or a Robern cabinet. This lockbox requires a password to open, and you can set it through an app. Other features include sending a notification when the box is opened, and a reminder for daily medication. This invention will cost you $449 only.

Kohler also revealed the Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucets that you operate by waving your hand in front of it. It can, however, shut itself after two minutes. It starts at $199.

Lastly, Kohler will sell you a battery energy storage system that harvests solar energy so that you have the power to run all these amazing gadgets any time of the day. It comes with its own mobile app and eye-watering prices, starting from $13,325 for a 10kWh system.

Written by HackerVibes

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