Keeping up with Snapchat: Everything you need to know

From people maintaining Snapchat streaks to trying on different filters and sharing snaps/videos, Snapchat has taken the world by storm. 

If you have a teen or know someone who routinely uses Snapchat: And you are wondering, what is Snapchat after all? Then, this article is for you.

Snapchat is a social media platform for Android and iOS that allows you to share everyday moments with your friends. But these messages disappear once you see them. It’s unlike your old Twitter or Facebook texts, where everything stays on your device unless you delete it. 

You can send a text/snap(photo) on Snapchat; Once the person sees it, poof! It’s gone. You can, however, change the settings to make the texts stay on your device. 

In addition to this, Snapchat offers a lot of cool stuff. The application lets you play games with your friends, read the news, solve quizzes, edit and create photos/videos, use filters, etc. 

If you are anywhere over 30 plus in age, it’s hard to figure out how to use Snapchat. That’s one of the reasons why kids love it. 

Snap, the company that powers Snapchat, is so aggressive in introducing new features for the application that there’s always something exciting coming on the way. Even if you are a regular user, you might find it hard to keep up with the new updates that Snapchat brings to you. 

How do you get started with Snapchat?

The signup process is pretty straightforward. You have to register your Name, Email, and Birthdate. Then you have to create a Snapchat handle for yourself. 

This handle is how you can find users on Snapchat. Young people on Snapchat usually prefer silly names for their handles. You can upload your contact list as well to find the people you know on Snapchat. 

To make your profile more appealing, you can even upload a Bitmoji (An emoji-type replica of you) as your profile picture. 

Here are the meanings of common Snapchat lingo that you might come across frequently:

  • Snapchatter: A user on Snapchat. 
  • Snap: A photo or video shared or received on Snapchat is called a Snap. 
  • Snapmap: A map that shows your live location to the users that are a part of your friend’s list. 
  • Story: You can add your pictures and videos here to broadcast them. The story vanishes after 24 hours of posting it. 
  • Snapstreak: When you share snaps with a friend consecutively, you might find an emoji next to their name. It means that you both have a snap-sharing streak going on. 
  • Filter: Filters are overlay effects added to the snap. 

While Snapchat might be a positive and fun way of sharing your best moments, it might now always prove beneficial for your kids. The Snapmap shows your live location, which isn’t always safe. Moreover, people waste a lot of time trying to maintain the streaks. Sometimes age-inappropriate content may also pop up on the app. 

The light-hearted design of the app and the idea to share everyday moments and forget them are fascinating to today’s generation!

Written by HackerVibes

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