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Jeep shares images of its first electric SUV coming in 2023

Major vehicle manufacturers are going electric, and Jeep has not been left out. The popular auto brand has released pictures of its first electric SUV in flashy yellow.

Everybody knows Jeep, and its name is synonymous with a segment of vehicles. The brand, owned by the auto conglomerate Stellantis, has shared pictures of what would be its first purely electric SUV.

While the model remains unnamed, Jeep has confirmed it will be available starting 2023. The company has already announced it will make BEVs of all its models before 2025. It will also make plug-hybrid versions for folks that do not want to plunge into BEVs directly.

The parent company, Stellantis, which came through the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group, has extensive plans for zero-emission mobility. It has already outlined an ambitious plan to electrify most of the brands it owns.

The Dodge brand is also making an electric muscle car while Ram will electrify the Ram 1500 pickup.

Stellantis has actually teased the electric Ram 1500 pickup truck. But the image leaves out many details on the appearance of the vehicle, making it impossible to categorically say what the final form would look like. Either Ram has not finalized the design, or it is just plain teasing its fans. However, it makes sense that the company is putting something out right now as the competition in electric pickups has been heating up even before the category takes off substantially.

However, for reasons unknown, Stellantis included some design outlines in the images it shared, and enthusiasts have tried to construct the truck’s appearance from them. Obviously, an intern somewhere now needs lots of luck retaining their job.

We also know that Ram is making a battery-powered ProMaster delivery van for Amazon. This is despite the online store giant maintaining one of the most massive vehicle orders (100,000 units) with startup Rivian. Obviously, Amazon is not putting all its eggs in one basket even though it is a huge investor in Rivian.

Most likely, the electric SUV shown by Jeep and the Ram 1500 electric truck will use the STLA platform that Stellantis is making available across its brands. The purpose of the universal vehicle platform is to reduce development costs and time.

Compared to the rest of the industry, Jeep has not been fast in embracing electric vehicles. But it has released plug-in hybrids of its fiercely loved Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee SUVs. Jeep has plans for an off-road version of the Grand Cherokee, known as the Trailhawk.

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