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Jack Dorsey is no longer CEO; now to be addressed as Block Head

Remember Jack Dorsey of the Twitter fame? The twice-CEO of Twitter has now rebranded himself at his other company. He is now to be referred to as Block Head.

The founder, formerly known as CEO, has renounced the title of CEO and now wishes to be known as Block Head. When you spend a large portion of your life being CEO of one company or another, it tends to get tiring. Dorsey was even the CEO of two companies (Twitter and the company formerly known as Square), so we understand his feelings.

Meanwhile, when your company has a name that can be easily used to generate funny titles, you simply grab the opportunity. Dorsey changed the name of his financial company from Square to Block, and all he had to do was add Head to it to create a title everybody would chuckle at.

To show Dorsey means business with his new Block Head designation, the company has officially filed a notice with the Securities Exchange Commission. For more effect, Dorsey chose to file on 4/20, if you know what that implies. Also, the full title is “Block Head and Chairperson” for the formal occasions where you may have to introduce the entrepreneur.

Dorsey’s new title doesn’t mean his job functions have changed. He will still do things CEOs do, including continuing to serve as the principal executive officer of Block. The company has amended its bylaws so that it is no longer required to have the roles of CEO and president. This means if you desire Dorsey’s job and somehow succeed him, you will become the next Block Head.

According to the filing with SEC, the title change occurred at the request of Dorsey himself. So all thanks go to him for a bit of chuckle in a world where terrible news seems to bombard us daily.

It is likely Dorsey got inspired by his picture on the company’s leadership web page. His head appears to be compressed into a cube or block, although the same treatment was given to the rest of the leadership team. For what it is worth, the page as of the writing of this article still lists him as the CEO.

Dorsey won’t be the first to adopt a funky title. Elon Musk chose to be known as the Technoking of Tesla last year. The world’s richest man has also tweeted his approval of Dorsey’s new title.

Written by HackerVibes

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