Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer

iPhones are a pleasure to use because they serve as portals to the world. You can find your way around, play a game, listen to your favorite music, and even enjoy a conversation with Siri! However, your iPhone becomes a glorified paperweight when the battery goes flat as it can perform any function!

In this article, we have rounded up ways you can make your iPhone battery last longer.

Reduce your screen brightness

One of the highest sources of battery drain is the screen. The iPhone screen is gorgeous, and it is where you interact with your apps, games, emails, etc. However, the brighter the screen, the more the battery is zapped. Adjust the settings to lower the brightness, or set your phone to adjust based on the ambient light automatically.

Stop background app refresh for your apps that don’t matter

Some developers indiscriminately check for updates or push notifications, even when the apps are not open. Check through your list of apps that run in the background and stop those not essential from refreshing. If you leave them to run in the background, they will cause your battery to drain faster.

Disable Push email

When you enable Push email, your iPhone constantly checks for new emails and downloads them in the background. These constant checks tax your battery, but you can turn off the feature on your iPhone. In its place, you can set the interval at which each email account checks for updates. Alternatively, you can manually check for new emails when you open the app.

When you find yourself in areas with poor network connection

In areas with a poor cellular signal, your phone will use more battery to connect to the nearest cellular tower. You can make your battery last longer by not using cellular services. For example, you can use WiFi calling to reach people.

If WiFi calling is not possible, you can save your battery by turning on airplane mode. This will stop your iPhone from trying to find a connection. You can quickly access this setting from the Control Center.

Remember to turn off wireless connections when you are not using them

WiFi allows you to connect the networks wirelessly, but it uses up your battery. Similarly, your iPhone uses more battery when Bluetooth and AirDrop. When you are not using any of these wireless, remember to turn them off.

Adjust your locations settings

Some apps use your phone’s location service for a variety of reasons. For apps that need your location to work, like Uber, Google Maps, etc., you must permit them to track your location. However, some apps only need to track your location to send you targeted adverts. While your privacy is another discourse, checking your location consumes battery. Turning off location access for these rogue apps makes sense or setting them to “While Using the App.”

Disable Siri’s active listening

When you set your iPhone to respond to ‘Hey, Siri,’ it is at a cost to your battery because your microphone is always on and listening. Turn off the feature to save your battery.

Avoid letting your phone get hot

Batteries and heat are not best of friends. When your phone gets hot frequently, the battery suffers, and the capacity reduces, meaning you do not get as many hours of usage as when you unboxed it. Avoid putting the phone in hot places, under direct sunlight like on the window sill or car dashboard.

When the phone gets hot during charging, remove it from the case so the air can cool it.

Take steps to protect the battery when you store your iPhone

Sometimes, you have to keep your phone for some time. Before placing it in a drawer, turn it off after charging to about 50 percent. If the battery is completely drained, it can slip into what Apple calls deep discharge and will never charge again. According to the manufacturer, turn the phone one at least once in six months.

Use static wallpapers

Apple allows you to use live wallpaper on your lock screen or home screen. However, the feature requires a trade-off in battery life, as you will notice a drop. To conserve your battery, use a static image as your wallpaper. There are many websites where you can get gorgeous ones that won’t ruin your battery life.

Written by HackerVibes

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