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iPhone 12 Pro Max review—a maximized iPhone for those who want bigger displays

Apple always has a knack for presenting the world with the latest and the greatest ideas when it comes to the technological manifestations within their new iPhone series. Most Apple fans want an out of the world experience in terms of the new features and updates made available to them and it is covered by the latest iOS versions that are thrown out by Apple while some want an incredible camera that has the capacity to capture real-life details but there are those out there who want all of this and more and here more means everything extended in terms of the magnitude. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max might not be for you

This brings us to the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is the latest development in the iPhone series by Apple and features an enlarged display, the greatest camera in a mobile phone that you have ever seen, and of course a ginormous battery to fuel your daily use of your iPhone. Being the latest inline it is also the most expensive of them all and if you don’t want a large and bulky phone that you can’t fit in your pocket and a camera that only has a few things to offer as compared with the 12 Pro then this is definitely not for you and you should settle for a batch down from the series such as an iPhone 11 pro or something like that or 12 Pro for that matter.     

But on the other hand, if you are in love with the camera of the iPhone series and want to squeeze everything that it has to offer plus the great screen experience that brings details to life then it is definitely an option worth considering. On the bright side of things, this gigantic iPhone comes with the same complimentary battery to give you all the juice that you need to get things going.

Price comparison

When it comes to price you can have this iPhone for about $1099 give or take and whilst doing that remember that you are paying this much just to get your hands on a life-sized display, a battery life that will get you through the day and of course the camera that is out of this world. The color combinations that you will be able to find for the iPhone 12 Pro Max are also amazing and playful, who would have thought that the Apple users would be introduced for the first time with such an extensive color lineup. 

Display and screen

If you are thinking about the screen size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and comparing it with an earlier installation in the series such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max then know that it is only partly bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro max. Apple has shrunk the bezels around the OLED display to allow for taking more screens in and using this little maneuver Apple was able to get their new iPhone’s screen size up to 6.7 inches. 

This should be motivating enough for you to go for a larger iPhone. The only difference this would cause is the issuance of broader images on your screen which means that you will be able to see them in a life-like manner and moreover be able to bathe in more sustaining colors. 

Better image processing

The most incredible selling pitch for the iPhone 12 Pro max is its camera, it issues a triple-lens camera with the capacity to produce incredible images that are not only lifelike but have immense details embedded into them. Thanks to the overhauled image processor that is clocked at its maximum to issue smooth details into the images and working on the picture at the pixel level for a masterful impact on the observer. 

You can easily record videos at 4K 60 frames per second which will give you a high-quality image and crisp sound that was clearly absent in the earlier models of the iPhone series. If you can handle the bulkier size of the iPhone 12 pro series and have the money then you should go for it by all means and truly experience the iPhone’s power at its zenith.   

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