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Invoxia releases smart collar for dogs for taking vitals and fitness tracking

Dogs make wonderful pets, and it is essential to care for the health of these loyal companions. This is why Invoxia is bringing a new kind of dog collar to CES 2022. The collar, like most things displayed at the show, is smart and will track your canine friend’s vital signs. It will also help you locate the pet with the embedded GPS, which monitors its activities.

Unlike other dog fitness trackers that use accelerometers and GPS sensors, Invoxia uses miniaturized radar sensors. The company collaborated with veterinary cardiologists to train AI that uses the sensors. (Hints: the sensors are the same as the ones used in the Google Pixel 4 phones)

The radar sensors are ideal as they work with even the furriest dogs. The CEO of Invoxia, Amelie Caudron, explained to The Verge, “There’s a radar that faces the neck and sends a radio signal, and that signal will not be reflected by the hair. So it doesn’t matter how much fur or hair there is, it’ll be reflected by the first layer of skin. So the radar will actually be able to know the speed and movement of the skin right under the collar.”

After obtaining the values, Invoxia’s algorithm then calculates the heart and respiratory rates.

The collar by Invoxia is more comfortable because it doesn’t have to fit tightly around the dog’s neck. This will probably make many hoomans jealous because their own smartwatches and fitness trackers have to fit snugly around their wrists to guarantee accurate readings.

Invoxia also stands out by including extra features and being easy to use. The method of reading vitals is non-invasive, and the collar can connect to a smartphone app through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE-M. The collar will alert you when your pet tries to escape.

The collar knows when your dog is walking, running, or scratching. It also detects when the pet is eating, drinking, barking, or resting, making it the perfect activity tracker. Invoxia added a fabric cover that you can remove to clean because, let’s face it, your pet probably isn’t concerned about keeping it spotless.

Invoxia has gained experience in activity tracking with the GPS Pet Tracker it made in the past.

However, the company admits that different dog breeds may need customized collars to monitor their vitals, but there isn’t enough data out there yet to do this. While it is known that some breeds are more predisposed to having heart and respiratory issues, more data needs to be gathered before any product can be certified for them. This is why, for now, the Invoxia dog collar will focus on the dog’s baseline vitals.

There is another limitation of the Invoxia collar, however. It can only work with larger dogs because it is challenging to miniaturize the device to work for smaller dogs. The current size is too large and heavy for comfort for smaller pets.

The Invoxia smart dog collar will be available for your dog later this year and will cost around $99. The GPS feature requires a separate $12.99 monthly subscription.

For folks thinking it is overkill to monitor dogs’ vitals, Invoxia points out the information is useful after your pet has had surgery, monitoring how it is responding to treatment, or for tracking dogs with known heart and respiratory problems. It can also help detect health problems on time, just like in humans. This will assist vet doctors to administer life-saving treatments or procedures on time.

Written by HackerVibes

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