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Instagram is testing a new full-screen feed, just like TikTok

It may soon become difficult to tell Instagram and TikTok apart as the older network continues to implement features straight from the latter. The latest TikTok feature to be added to Instagram is full vertical videos on your home feed.

Instagram says it is bringing videos more front and center, and it is taking inspiration from TikTok on how to do so. Posting on his personal Twitter handle, Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, confirmed in a video that you will soon start to see taller photos and videos in your feeds. The company is actually testing the feature.

Instagram is trying to make viewing content on its platform a more immersive experience.

Instagram also shared an image of a screenshot with a video that covers the whole screen. The comments and reactions on the video and other features float on top of the content.

A spokesperson for Meta said users could access Stories at the top of the screen, which will appear when the user starts to scroll on the page. You will still be able to access Search, Reels, shopping, and your own profile from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram still retains notifications, messages, and access to post new content at the top. That is also where you switch accounts if you operate more than one.

The spokesperson person confirmed photos would get the same full-screen treatment as the videos.

Instagram and its parent company have been doubling down on video content as it tries to fight off fierce competition from younger rivals, including TikTok and Snapchat. Meta has seen the handwriting on the wall with Facebook losing users in a recent quarter and is preempting a similar occurrence on Instagram. The platform has even offered cash bonuses to incentivize creators and is testing Templates that use existing Reels formats to make creating content easier.

Instagram also recently made moves to stop creators from simply reposting TikTok content on its platform and allows users to upload song previews.

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