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Instagram discontinues standalone apps Hyperlapse and Boomerang

Instagram continues its app mop-up by removing two others from the two major app stores.

With a renewed focus on its main app, Instagram has been on a tear removing its standalone apps from app stores. Recently the social media network removed the IGTV app and has now yanked off two more; Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

The two apps disappeared from the app stores on March 1st, 2022.

Before its removal, Boomerang accrued more than 300 million downloads globally on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Hyperlapse managed 26 million, although it was only available on the App Store. Boomerang was still enjoying an average of 26,000 daily downloads at the time it was discontinued.

Instagram quietly removed the two apps, but their disappearance was noticed by analysts, including Matt Navarra, who tweeted about it.

In reality, it was only a matter of time before the two apps were deleted because they had largely outlived their usefulness. They were meant to provide features that smartphones generally have today or have been added to the Instagram app directly. But now, creatives can easily make good content from within the app.

Instagram has grown since the heydays of the two apps. It now takes pictures, stories, short-form videos, live videos, online shopping, etc., although some of the features were swiped from competing social media platforms. In fact, if a user were to return to the app after taking a years-long break, they would have to learn to find their way around again. For instance, the Compose button, perhaps the most important one on the app, has been relocated from the bottom-center to the top-right portion of the screen.

Boomerang allowed creatives to add effects like SloMo, Echo, and Duo, but these features are now available inside the app itself. There are even more features inside Reels.

At any rate, when it shut down IGTV, Instagram said the goal was to make video creation and discovery as simple as possible within the main app. Also, not insignificant is that an obscure rival, Phhhoto, had sued Instagram’s parent company, Meta, over being shut out of the social graph, even though the more popular network copied looping video into Boomerang from Phhhoto’s app.

However, Instagram still has a standalone app, Layout, and has confirmed it has no plans to remove it, but things may change. Also, it said Boomerang’s features would continue to be supported in the main app.

Instagram’s spokesperson releases this statement in response to a request for comment, “We’ve removed support for the standalone Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps to better focus our efforts on the main app. We’ll continue working on new ways for people to be creative and have fun on Instagram,” they added.

Written by HackerVibes

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