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Instagram is prioritizing original content from creators, according to the head of the platform

Instagram is trying hard to become more than just a dump of videos and photos for your friends to browse through. It instead wants to be a creators’ tool but faces one problem; creators who also have TikTok accounts just post their videos from the rival social media on Instagram, including the TikTok logo. But Instagram now has a tool to fight this.

After several successful attempts to lift features from rival social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, without acknowledging the sources of inspiration, Instagram is now thinking of originality and giving credit to whom it is due. However, the credit is meant for its creators and not rivals.

According to Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s boss, the changes to Instagram include product tags that let you tag a product in your post. A creator can also assign themselves to categories like Photographer or Singer, and the category will be displayed when your account is tagged in any post. Apart from this, Instagram is pushing heavily to bring original videos to the top of the pile on the platform.

In a video discussing the new features, Mosseri said, “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are re-sharing something that you found from someone else. We’re going to try and do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.”

In other words, Instagram will be rewarding original content instead of TikTok videos uploaded to the platform.

The platform has invested heavily in creator tools to encourage creators to make original content, so it must be frustrating to see videos bearing the famous TikTok logo.

How will Instagram fight this practice? It is as simple as burying it under other videos using a ranking algorithm. Mosseri admitted that determining original content is hard, but Instagram will learn and improve along the way. Accounts that simply aggregate content should be seeing the handwriting on the wall. As Mosseri tweeted, “As we learn more into recommendations it’s becoming increasingly important that we don’t overvalue aggregators as that would be bad for creators, and therefore bad for Instagram long term.”

Instagram must have realized the unenviable situation its parent company, Meta, is in. Meta has the largest platforms, but all the viral content and new memes happen on other social media and then get reposted on its own platforms, sometimes days after.

Meta has tried paying creators more to attract them, but apparently, the method is not sustainable and is scaling down the payouts.

Written by HackerVibes

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