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iMac Features That Ought to Be In All-New Apple Computers

Several features and improvements have surfaced in the new MacBook Pro models and beings seemingly desirable may be anticipated by Mac enthusiasts in the cross-over models to come.

The 24-inch iMac debuted this springtime featuring Apple’s proprietary M1 CPU, however, the new silicon is also not the only feature that sets this machine apart. Apple’s most recent iMac the first to be built with the M1 in consideration. This is in contrast to the original wave of M1’s, which had the same build as their older Intel-powered counterparts.

The M1 iMac encompasses a thrilling new design and feature upgrades other than the different silicon within. Apple has now included some of these extras, such as an enhanced camera and MagSafe connectors, in its new MacBook Pro computers with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

Because Apple prefers to keep its product offerings appearing and feeling consistent, there’s a good possibility these enhancements will make their way to other Macs relatively soon. On this here note are five features that Macs are likely to maintain in the future.

New Colors

It’s been a while since Macs were made available in vibrant colors. Options like gray, silver, muted gold were never vibrant or exciting colors. iMac’s are available in seven different colors, deep purple to vibrant orange to plain old silver. Apple hasn’t said whether these colors will be available on other computers however future MacBook Air buyers may have a range of colors to choose from especially with new color options set to be added.

Power Brick with Ethernet

Beyond gaming machines, it’s unusual to find an inbuilt Ethernet jack nowadays. However, many desktop computers utilize them, other than the new iMac. It’s been transferred to the power brick, which makes sense because you don’t need to plug or unplug on a regular basis. Ensure the iMac you’re considering has an Ethernet jack which is a $30 add-on feature for the cheapest model. This may find its way to Mac Books to add an Ethernet jack minus requiring a USB-C dongle.

Higher-Resolution Camera

Existing Macs with good (1080p) cameras include the 27-inch Intel iMac and the 24-inch M1 iMac. Everything else is a Mac without a decent camera.

A good webcam is essential in a Zoom-bent world, but this device spec has stalled behind in  almost every brand of laptop, including Windows and Chrome OS systems. The camera is great and can be used in meetings.

Newer MacBook Pro models increased the resolution from 720p to 1080p, added an upgraded camera to more Mac Books to address Apple’s other hardware flaws.

Magnetic Power Cable Connection

Magnetic connections on the power cables of newer iMac appear engineered in a complex manner that it’s difficult to believe it’ll be a one-time occurrence. Alternative iMac sizes, as well as the MacBook Mini and MacBook Pro, may benefit from it. The new MacBook models reintroduced MagSafe connections, which might be a worthy successor to that (Even though in the long run, utilizing more universal USB-C power connections might be handier on laptops).

Personalized Accessories

The new iMac comes with three distinct keyboard designs: regular, with a Touch ID sensor, and with a numeric keypad with Touch ID, as well as a mouse as well as a detached touchpad. All of these devices are also available in all of the seven new iMac colors, however, color combinations are not currently possible.

It is important to note that it is just a matter of time until these accessories become available individually and one will be able to build a visual palette by mixing, say, an orange iMac, a purple keyboard, and a green touchpad (A specified range of colors will be availed at apple’s discretion). The settings may soon be available to all customers with a Mac Mini, Mac Air, Mac Pro, or even a docked MacBook seeking a bit more customization.


Apple as a brand has set itself apart as a leader in innovation, sophistication and yet somehow manages to maintain a touch of simplicity. Even though appearing complex, that is compensated for by the high level of security making it hard for someone without the right access credentials to access data on apple devices. In addition, the wide range of new features especially those added to the iMac and all newer versions of Apple computers make them exciting to use and somehow contribute to one’s creative aura and edge.

Written by HackerVibes

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