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How to sell your iPhone for the most cash

One of the best features of Apple’s iPhone is not even one that you use every day. It is the high resale value. However, when you want to buy a new iPhone, the feature comes in handy because you can sell the old one to get some money. You only have to add the balance from your pocket.  

iPhones typically do not lose their value like flagships from other manufacturers. This is because iPhones are very durable and popular, making them sought-after even when they are not new.

When selling your iPhone, however, it is vital to know the best method to use so that you can get the most cash for it. This includes where to sell, how to sell, and how to present the phone.

Many services claim to be the best, but you can’t just take their word for it. In this article, we show you how to get the most value for your old phone so that the cost of the new iPhone isn’t so high.

We will start with tips for getting the most money for your old iPhone.

How to get the most value for your old iPhone

You should start planning for this the moment you unboxed the phone. However, if you plan to sell in the future, the second-best time to start is now.

Take good care of your phone so it is in reasonably good physical condition. While a phone case and screen protector add to the bulk, they are necessary to prevent accidental damage, scratches, and stains on the body, which will make the phone less attractive. Avoid rough handling of your phone, like dropping it on hard surfaces, which might crack the glass back or the screen itself.

If you can, always buy unlocked iPhones as they are more valuable on the market due to the freedom of choosing your own carrier. Don’t fall for carriers’ claim that their iPhones are unlocked because you might discover the phones actually are locked in.

Lastly, when you are finally ready to sell, remember to back up all your data, unpair your Apple Watch, and factory reset the phone.

We will now look at where to sell your old iPhone for the best value.


This site is famous for trying to fix some of the problems of eBay. You will get lower seller fees, better communication tools with potential buyers, etc.

To sell your iPhone on Swappa, however, it must be in really good shape. Swappa has this requirement to prevent its store from becoming a cesspit of junk unserviceable iPhones. After passing the list of criteria, you will upload photos of the phone, preferably without a case.

When setting a price, account for shipping costs.


This company will buy your old iPhone from you directly, meaning they will pay you and not a third party. The steps to sell start with filling a form online about the specs and condition of the phone. Based on your response, Gazelle will offer you a price.

If you are ok with the quote, Gazelle will send you a box for you to ship your iPhone to them, and you get paid with a check, Paypal, or Amazon gift card.

It is important to be honest when filling out details about your phone because it will be inspected by Gazelle. The company usually offers promos around when new iPhones launch, so if you pay attention, you can get yourself a good deal.

Apple’s iPhone Trade-In program

This is the easiest way to dispose of your phone to buy a new one. However, Apple does not always offer the best prices. The bar is higher because your iPhone must be near new to fetch really good prices.

If your device qualifies, you can shave up to $500 from the price of the latest iPhone.

It is worth noting that Apple offers an upgrade program that makes you pay a certain amount per month, but you get the latest model every 12 months. You might end up paying less for new phones this way.

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