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How to download public, private, and live videos on Facebook

The even more popular social network not only allows you to share experiences, moods, or photos. Also, videos that you can save. If you don’t know how to download Facebook videos, don’t worry. Next, I explain what you have to do.

Video Downloader, the Tool You Need 

Whether you use your computer or mobile phone to access Facebook, remember one thing: direct downloading videos from this social network is not possible. So how is it done? You have to use the video downloader. Some of these tools are available in the Android and iOS application stores (as I will see below) and others in an online version such as It is used to download the public videos that their authors have uploaded to Facebook on the computer. It works like this:

  1. Choose a video and paste its link on
  2. Download it and indicate what quality you want, normal or HD.
  3. When you have made your choice, the video will display on the big screen. Go to the area where three dots appear in a vertical position and then press ‘Download.’ The video will save in the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.

How to Download Facebook Videos from Your Mobile

There are different applications to download Facebook videos, depending on the operating system of your device. In this case, for Android, I suggest the Video Downloader app, and for iOS, DManager Browser-Browser. Both are free.

For Android: Video Downloader

  1. Access the Google Play application store. In the search bar, you enter the name of the application, Video Downloader. You can also use this app with other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, it indicates the social network where the video is to be downloaded, in this case, Facebook. To access, enter your mobile number or email and then your password.
  3. Select the video, hit share, and then the ‘Video Downloader’ button. It is easily identified: it is circular, and inside there is a white arrow on a red background that ‘looks’ down.
  4. Choose the video quality from the available options and click on ‘Quick Download.’ The video is now downloaded and can be accessed from the ‘Done’ button at the bottom left of the screen. The other option is to go to the ‘Files’ folder in your terminal.

For iOS: DManager- Browser Browser

  1. In the App Store, look for the DManager-Navigator Browser application.
  2. On your device and installed, as in the case of the Video Downloader application, a list of the social networks with which it is compatible appears; in addition to Facebook, you can use it with YouTube and Twitter. 
  3. Locate the video that interests you, click on the start button, and after a few moments, a window will appear with several options. Choose the ‘Download’ option. I would already be. The application itself creates a folder with all the downloaded videos.

How to Download Private Video from Facebook

Downloading videos on Facebook that are private is a bit more time-consuming than public ones. Luckily, there are web pages like Getfvid that simplify this task from the computer. 

  1. Locate the video you are looking for and move the mouse cursor to the top right of the screen to the area where a horizontal line of three dots is displayed. Click and choose the option ‘Copy link.’
  2. Next, go back to the Getfvid home page and paste that link in the box that appears in white surrounded by a thin green frame. If you click the ‘Download’ button, after a few seconds, a message will display. It will inform you of the privacy of the video.
  3. Fix your attention at the bottom of the screen where ‘More’ is indicated. When pressed, the options ‘Twitter Downloader’ and ‘Private Downloader’ are displayed. If you check the latter, a new screen is automatically displayed: ‘Private Facebook video downloader.’ 
  4. Go back to the video page. Once again, go to the top right, click there, and in the drop-down menu, you indicate ‘See page source code.’ With the keys ‘Control + A’, you select the entire code window and then click on the option ‘Copy.’
  5. Back on the ‘Facebook private video downloader’ screen, paste all that code into the window in front of you and click Download. A new page shows in small the video and the available qualities. Finally, and while it is playing, click on it and select ‘Save video as.’ Choose its location within your team, and you are done.

How to Download Live Videos from Facebook 

The Getfvid application is also used to download videos on Facebook that have been broadcast live. Remember, yes, that to download the video, it is necessary that the transmission has ended.

  1. Choose your video and select the link at the top of the page you are on.
  2. Copy this link in Getfvid and press the ‘Download’ button. After a few moments, a new page shows you the video and informs you of the qualities available. I select one.
  3. Now the video is displayed on full screen. Before downloading and saving it to your computer, there are two options: let it play or help you with the mouse cursor until the bottom bar below the video is complete.
  4. Finally, fix the mouse cursor in the place where three white dots appear in a vertical position. Click on them and choose ‘Download.’

Written by HackerVibes

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