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Here is our list of the best satellite internet services

Are you planning to get internet for your home or office? Depending on where you live, fiber or cable internet might not be adequate or fast enough for you. People living in rural areas are more likely to experience this.

In that case, satellite internet might be the better option. It can be accessed even in remote areas provided the provider has coverage and as long as there is a receiving terminal that can connect to the satellites.

Satellite internet works with the help of satellites moving in the earth’s orbit. They beam internet connection down to customers on earth. While fibre and cable remain the fastest, satellite internet has the advantage of being available in more places.

Here, we have rounded up satellite internet providers that we can recommend. Admittedly, it is not a long list as satellite internet is not a service anybody can just jump into providing.


HughesNet customers have noted the service’s consistent download speed, meaning you are more likely to get high internet speeds if you move about with your receiving dish compared to its competitors. This makes HughesNet the best bet for people living or operating in remote locations.

The FCC even confirms that HughesNet delivers download speeds that are 150 percent higher than what it advertises.

However, before you sign up, note that HughesNet applies a data cap, and your speed drops to less than 3 megabits per second when you exceed your monthly limit. Also, despite its fast speed, HughesNet managed to come last in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction review for the 2021 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study in the South region.


Viasat’s data plans are more expensive than HughesNet’s, but they have more data. Viasat even offers speeds up to four times that of HughesNet. However, Viasat will also cap your data and throttle the speed if you manage to exceed your allotment in a month.

Another advantage of Viasat is its satellite/DSL internet offering at no cost for boosting reliability and reducing latency with AT&T’s DSL network.

Viasat also has the cheapest dish in the industry, and now that the company finally allows you to buy it, you can avoid a separate monthly rental fee.


SpaceX’s Starlink is the star of the moment, with the backing of Elon Musk, the richest man alive. He claims he started Starlink to raise money for his Mar colonization effort, but whether that is viable does not affect the quality of the service.

Starlink is still technically in beta, but more than 100,000 people are using it already, with many more on the waiting list eager to get in. The waiting times to get a dish is so long it might be practical to get another service in the meantime.

SpaceX offers the highest speed of the trio in this list, and Musk says the speed should even double by the end of this year, by which time the beta phase would be over. Its latency is also the lowest of the three.

Another advantage is Starlink’s plan is the most straightforward, as it offers only a single plan for everybody. There is no mandatory two-year contract either. The best part for users is that the plan is truly unlimited as there are no data caps, and you can use it as much as possible.

Starlink is the most ambitious of all, which is not surprising, given that Musk backs it. It plans to have about 12,000 satellites in orbit to cover the whole earth.

Starlink is the best choice for many people considering both present performance and potentials.

Another cool thing about Starlink is that SpaceX plans to offer it to people who choose to live on Mars, as the company assumes the colonizers will go with their Android and Apple devices. You can see a reference to this plan in the agreement for Starlink.

Upcoming Project Kuiper

Another billionaire is bringing another satellite internet. While the official name is not known yet, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is working on Project Kuiper, demonstrating insane internet speeds. If the company can maintain the speed when it starts operation, Project Kuiper will be one of the fastest. We will keep you informed of any progress.

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