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Google releases April Pixel updates with fixes for bugs affecting wireless charging and camera functions

The Pixel is Google’s flagship phone and one of the top Android phones, which is why it makes sense that the company pays lots of attention to it. Users of the phone are getting a new update that fixes some bugs and introduces some new features.

We are just a few weeks removed from the March update that went out to Google’s Pixel phones but there is another out already. The company says the April update comes with fixes and updates that affect the wireless charging and camera. For example, there is a solution for bugs that could cause unwanted zooming while using the front camera in some apps and a green screen appearing in the camera preview. There are also improvements for some unnamed accessories.

Other fixes include animation displaying incorrectly when canceling a search in the app drawer, navigation becoming impossible in the overview screen while TalkBack is active, recents button failing to show the overview while 3-button navigation with third-party launchers, etc.

Not only owners of the latest Pixels get this update as it goes back to the Pixel 3a. For users experiencing issues with live wallpapers, crashing while using picture-in-picture mode, and the notification shade and Quick Settings blacking out, Google says the April update would address them all.

The update also contains security fixes and patches.

However, there is no mention of a fix for a problem that plagued some models after the March update. Some phones had their haptic vibration effect weakened, and reports of the issue have mounted on Reddit and other Pixel owner forums.

Google has already commented on the weakened haptic vibration problem before. The company told Review Geek last month, “This was an update meant to take advantage of the more advanced Pixel 6 haptics capabilities, but we understand it is not an optimal experience for all users. We are continuously trying to provide a better long term solution in the future and will plan to address that feedback in an upcoming update.” Obviously, Google has not found a solution yet.

Meanwhile, you may not see a notification to download the update yet, but that is no issue, as Google is phasing the rollout. Your turn will come eventually, but if you can’t wait, you can download the official OTA and factory images of the update that you can use to flash your phone. However, this route is only advised for people who are technically savvy enough and don’t mind taking some risks with their devices.

Written by HackerVibes

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