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Everybody should know this Google search tricks

We have all been in a situation where we needed to search for something on Google. Many of us run to the number one online search engine multiple times daily to get the hang of a subject, find the cheapest place to buy an item, or even look for a master’s degree. However, it is frustrating when Google returns results that are not relevant to what we need, and we have to run another search or dig into page two or beyond.

In this article, we bring you tips and tricks that will make you a Google search power user and ensure you get the results you want on the first result page!

Sort results by page

Sometimes, you need the latest info on what you are searching for. Perhaps a recent news item. However, Google might prefer to show you old information first, and you have to trawl through an unordered result list.

You can force Google to show you the latest results using its own tools. This means you will see the latest results first.

Here is how you go about it. Search for your phrase as you would do. After getting your results, click on Tool. You will see Any time, which is the default. Click on it, and you will see other time frames.

If you need results from a particular period, click on Custom range, and you will be able to set time bounds for your search results.

Remove terms you are not interested in

Google tries to be helpful, but sometimes, it does too much. If your results keep including keywords you do not need, remove such words by putting a minus sign (-) before them in the search bar. For the words you need, put a (+) in front of them and sanitize your search results.

Search for two things at the same time

Google is pretty advanced and can handle two different searches at the same time. You only need to know-how. It is actually quite easy as all you need to do is place ‘and’ or ‘or’ between the two terms and click on the search button.

Use Advanced Search

Even Google is aware that sometimes you need to step up your search game, which is why it offers a set of advanced tools. Armed with these tools, you can drill your search for a keyword down to particular websites using pointers like numbers, languages, regions, etc.

Here is how to get to Advanced Search. After getting normal results, click on the Settings icon by the right, then select Advanced search. You will be presented with tools for refining your search further.

Search for a file type

If you know the file type that you want, you can ask Google for it directly. You can search for MP3, PDF, XLSX, etc. Simply put filetype:pdf or filetype:mp3 before your keyword, and Google will know what document type you are interested in.

Want to know the weather where you are?

Searching for weather or any other things that are localized on Google is straightforward. Google can determine where you are, so all you need to do is type in weather in the search bar, and Google will return the latest weather report and forecast.

The same applies to time or date, although that might be redundant as you can quickly check them on the device you are using. But they illustrate how useful Google search is.

You can even get a timer function by typing timer in the search bar. You can customize the timer to what you need.

Search for an exact phrase with quotes

It is possible to ask Google to return results for a phrase and not treat it as a collection of keywords. Simply put the phrase within two quotation marks, e.g., “Gone With The Wind.”

Search for keywords on social media

Simply put an @ in front of your keyword. If you place an #, Google will search for hashtags.

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