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Google and Samsung collaborate to make health and fitness data sharing easier between apps and devices

Google and Samsung have announced a partnership that will allow apps to sync more easily between apps. They have created Health Connect to give developers the tools to achieve this.

Health Connect is a platform that offers APIs (application programming interfaces) that will sync your health data between Android apps and devices. This will simplify tracking your health and fitness info even if you move between several platforms or apps.

When you have opted in, your health data will be encrypted and stored in a hub that resides on your device. According to Google, you will control the kind of data you want to share and the app you want to give access to your info. If two apps are requesting the same type of data, you can grant access to just one and leave the other. Health Connect can store more than 50 data types like body measurement, physical activity, sleep, vitals, etc.

As said by Chris Wilk, Product Manager at Google, “With user permission, developers can securely read from and write data to Health Connect, using standardized schema and API behavior. Users will have full control over their privacy settings, with granular controls to see which apps are requesting access to data at any given time. The data in Health Connect is all on-device and encrypted. Users will have the ability to shut off access or delete data they don’t want on their device, and the option to prioritize one data source over another when using multiple apps.”

Wilk referred to the collaboration with Samsung. “This is why we’ve created Health Connect, a platform and API for Android app developers. With user permission, developers can use a single set of APIs to securely access and share health and fitness data across Android devices.

“We’re building this new unified platform in collaboration with Samsung to simplify connectivity between apps. We appreciate Samsung’s collaboration as we roll out Health Connect to foster richer app experiences while also providing centralized privacy controls for users.”

Health Connect is open to developers in beta mode for Android devices. Google is also working with MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness, and Withings makers.

Google Fit and Fitbit (owned by Google) will also integrate Health Connect. The Pixel Watch should also support Health Connect when it launches this year.

The online search giant has a history of working with other companies, including health and fitness products. However, Google does not try to limit users to its own ecosystem, unlike its rival, Apple.

TaeJong Jay Yang, Samsung’s executive vice president, said, “We’re working alongside Google and other partners to realize the full benefits and potential of Health Connect. I’m excited to confirm that Samsung Health will also adopt Health Connect later this year. With users’ permission, this will enable app developers to take advantage of accurate and optimized data measured on Galaxy Watch for Samsung Health and use it in their apps as well.”

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