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Google Pixel owners complain of automatically rejected calls on their phones

It seems the Google Pixel 6 will never be free of issues as some owners have been reporting a severe problem after installing the last updates. They claim their phones are not ringing when a call is incoming, failing at the primary task of the gadget.

Perhaps it is time for Google to seriously look into why Android 12 has proven to be so buggy for its own phones. Updates after updates, Pixel phone owners have been reporting new ways their devices have been misbehaving.

Multiple posts on Reddit and Google’s support forums have complained of incoming calls being silently rejected and diverting the caller to voicemail. This bug leaves the phone owners unaware that anybody has tried to contact them.

However, when they check their call log, there will be a record of a declined call. The users have testified they didn’t have the Do Not Disturb feature enabled when the automatic call rejection happened, leaving only the possibility of a bug.

Meanwhile, one Pixel phone user who experienced the same issue said it was caused by Verizon’s spam filtering system. However, other phone users on other networks have reported the same incident.

Most of the reports come from Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pros, but older models have also reported the incident.

For now, there is no known method to fix the problem apart from a device reset, which may be inconvenient for many users.

A sample Pixel complaint from Redditor merryjaina is reproduced below:

“My pixel 6 pro seems to decline calls on my behalf without my knowing. It happens completely randomly.

“At least 4+ times a week, I’ll have someone tell me they tried to call me but I have no missed call notification. When I check my call log, it says the call was declined which obviously I didn’t do. My phone is usually face up on my desk or table when this happens and I don’t even see the call come through.

“This is happening with contacts I have saved and not just unknown numbers. I’ll even ask the callers to call me again to test and it works so it’s not consistent.

“I have filter spam calls turned off. I have WiFi calling turned off. I have flipped to shhh turned off. DND is turned off. I’ve reset my network settings and always have a full signal. I made sure the contacts aren’t set to go straight to voicemail. My cell provider says it’s not on their end.

“I haven’t tried is running in safe mode as the issue is not persistent so I’d have to run in safe mode for a week to figure out if it resolves it.

“I know there’s been some dropped calls issues with the pixels but my calls are fine when they actually come through! Any ideas of what else I can check or what could be going on? 🙁 “

Written by HackerVibes

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