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Got a new Google Pixel phone? Change these settings ASAP!

Google Pixel phones are among the best in the market. In addition to getting the pure Android experience, you are assured of updates from Google. Hardware-wise, the Pixel ranks among the highest quality. The cameras are the best in class and have a high-end chip in an attractive design.

However, there are ways to make the Google Pixel better, especially if you get the latest versions. Some settings allow you to get more out of the phone, and you should immediately change them after getting the phone.

In this article, we go over the settings that make your Google Pixel phone significantly better.

Make your phone interface more pleasant with themed icons

Many of us have our favorite wallpapers, either using our pictures or other images that attract our attention. The best part is that with Material You, you can make your entire phone match the colors on your wallpaper.

The OS does this automatically by picking the accent colors from your wallpaper, which will be visible in certain apps.

However, you can extend the color matching to your app icons to get a UI that looks collected and blended. To do this, press and hold on any part of the home screen that is empty. Next, select ‘Wallpaper & style’ and toggle on the ‘Themed icons’ option.

Pick between more battery life and smoother scrolling

It could be annoying when scrolling on your Pixel is not smooth as butter. The Pixel 6 version lets you adjust the refresh rate to address this. Apart from more consistent scrolling, animations play better, and phone use feels more responsive. However, ratcheting up the refresh rate affects your battery life. On the regular Pixel 6, you can enable a 90 Hz refresh rate while going up to 120 Hz on the Pro.

The good thing is that you can tell your Pixel to prioritize the battery or smooth performance. Head into Settings and tap on ‘Display.’ You can then toggle on or off the ‘Smooth Display’ option.

Enable the Smart Storage option so you don’t run out of space

Regardless of the amount of ROM, the space on your Pixel phone can quickly run out, especially if you install lots of apps or take lots of videos and photos with the gorgeous and high-resolution cameras. This is even more serious because you can extend the memory with an SD card.

However, to save yourself the hassle of manually deleting files, you can enable Smart Storage in the settings. This will let Google automatically free up space for you. For example, the OS will delete the photos you have backed up in the cloud after sixty days if your phone memory is more than 75 percent filled.

To access this setting, go to ‘Storage’ under Settings and select ‘Free up space.’ Tap on the icon for more menu on the left top part of the screen and select ‘Settings.’ Toggle on the Smart Storage option.

Enable a faster way to identify songs

Many of us use the Shazam app to identify songs playing around us that we find interesting. It could be from the radio or another person’s device. However, regardless of your taste in music, there is a faster and easier way to identify songs on your new Pixel than opening an app. With the proper settings, your phone will display information about any song it detects on the lock screen, and you don’t even have to unlock your phone.

To enable this, go to ‘Display’ under Settings and tap on ‘Lock screen.’ Next, select ‘Now Playing’ and toggle on the ‘Identify songs playing nearby’ option.

Use Live Caption to transcribe audio from your Pixel

This feature is one of the accessibility options that you can take advantage of when you are without your earphones but would rather not let others hear your phone. It works for videos, phone calls, podcasts, etc.

To use this feature, press the volume button and tap the ‘Live Caption’ icon.

Written by HackerVibes

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