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The Pixel 6 Pro is a premium phone without premium price from Google

When Google started making phones, not a few people believed it was a hobby that the search giant would soon abandon. However, many releases later, the Pixel line of phones is still going strong.

What does the new Pixel 6 Pro offer? Come along, let’s dig in!

Pixel 6 Pro price

Google is selling the Pixel 6 Pro starting at $899. This will get you a flagship spec device, significantly less than the $999 Apple is asking for the iPhone 13 Pro and $1,099 charged for the 6.7 inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Pixel 6 Pro design

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro is engineered with Gorilla Glass Victus — the toughest Gorilla Glass yet. Gorilla Glass Victus is on the front, back and camera bar of the Pixel 6 Pro.

Last year’s Pixel 5 didn’t give much premium vibes. The back especially stood it out from the big boys club with a matte rubbery back. However, with the Pixel 6 Pro, Google has paid attention to making a phone look nice.

The back is made from toughened Gorilla Glass Victus that blends into the aluminum frame. While this means you have to be double careful with handling your phone, it is nice to own nice things.

Google’s camera arrangement is quite different from what the rest of the industry is doing. The black bar housing the cameras runs across the length of the phone. Because of this, the phone does not lie flat on a table or other flat surfaces. But most phones are like that anyway. It even helps with viewing the screen when placed on the table.

On the front is a big 6.7-inch display that is truly premium to look at and feel. The size might be unusual or big for some hands, but this does not render the phone unusable by any means. It has a 3,120×1,440 pixel resolution that is sharp, bright, vibrant, and can go up to a 120 Hz refresh rate.

The fingerprint scanner now resides under the screen instead of at the back. Face-unlock is noticeably lacking.

Google does not encourage you to dip your phone in water, but the Pixel 6 Pro has an IP rating of IP68, meaning it can survive in 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes.

The phone weighs 210 g.

Pixel 6 Pro cameras

The Pixel line has achieved acclaim for its excellent cameras, and there is no reason this flagship will be different. On the back are three cameras; a 48-megapixel lens that does 4x optical zoom, a main camera with a 1/13 inch sensor that captures 2.5 times more light than the Pixel 5, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens for when you need to fit more people or objects into the photo.

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Pixel 6 Pro internals

Google is powering the Pixel 6 Pro with its own Tensor processor. Thanks to it, the phone is snappy to use, and you won’t come across any lag. It will handle heavy graphics games like Call of Duty with no stress.

This is the beginning of Google’s journey as a producer of its own chips. The company designed its chip to take advantage of machine learning, AI, and speech recognition. While there is no great immediate improvement in performance, the coming years should be interesting as Google learns new ways to get more out of its own hardware and software.

There is a 5,003 mAh battery good for full-day use and can be charged wirelessly. If you plug it into the wall, it will reach 50 percent in 30 minutes. The Extreme Power Saver will pause all your non-essential apps if you need to extend the battery life.

Storage options include 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. RAM is 12 GB.

Like many other flagships, there is no headphone jack here.

Pixel Pro 6 with Android 12

Since this is a phone made by Google, it is not surprising that it is coming with the latest version of the Android operating system.

This new version is easy to use, and first-time users won’t have a problem learning it. There are many flourishes that Google has added, like the phone picking the dominant colors of your wallpaper automatically and applying them throughout the phone.

Android 12 also enhances security, and on the Pixel Pro 6, there is a dedicated processor for handling it. In the settings, you can see what information your apps have used recently. Google has committed to five years of security updates.


Google has released a true flagship that oozes premium while still undercutting the competition. It is safe to say this phone is fit for the mainstream.


Written by HackerVibes

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