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Google faces lawsuit alleging its Fitbit Ionic recall is not enough

Google is facing another lawsuit, and this time, it is tied to its Fitbit Ionic smartwatches. The plaintiffs alleged the devices could burn users’ hands.

Even though Google voluntarily recalled 1.7 million units of the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, it has not escaped legal repercussions. The company has landed itself a court case claiming the recall is not good enough as the same defect affects all products made by Fitbit.

Users had reported 78 incidents in which the smartwatches burned their skin.

According to the lawsuit, “This is a class action complaint against Defendant for the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sale of the Products, all of which suffer from an identical defect in design. Specifically, the Products are prone to burning users during use and create the potential for a burn or fire hazard. Smartwatches that pose such a hazard are unreasonably dangerous compared to the utility of the Product. Moreover, such a defect can render the Products unusable during periods of overheating. As such, this defect rendered the Products unsuitable for its principal and intended purpose.

“Further, had Plaintiffs been aware of this serious defect, they would not have purchased the Product, or would have paid significantly less for it.”

The lawsuit says all Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers were liable to overheat and damage the wearer’s skin or even constitute a fire hazard. It also claims Fitbit initially tried to shift the blame to users’ personal hygiene.

The two complainants in the lawsuit had devices from the Versa sub-brand and not the Ionic. However, the case attached images of users who suffered burns from the Sense, Versa 3, Blaze, Inspire, and Inspire 2. The filing also included the experience of customers who were ignored by Fitbit’s customer support.

One of the main points of the lawsuit is that Fitbit continues to risk the health of its users by recalling the Ionic devices alone. This leaves users of the remaining lineup unaware of the risk they stand for wearing the smartwatches. The lawsuit even mentions users wearing the smartwatches on flights unknowingly.

Also, while Fitbit has committed to refunding affected Ionic users, it has been slow in actually doing so.

There have been multiple reports of issues with Fitbit devices on Reddit and other social media platforms. The devices allegedly burnt the wearer’s skin or caused irritation. One thing common to the complaints was how Fitbit delayed or failed to respond to the users or pay out a refund.

The lawsuit even included screenshots of tweets by angry customers dealing with unresponsive customer support at Fitbit over the overheating issue.

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