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Google Fi increases high-speed data while reducing pricing for unlimited plans

If you have been considering Google Fi, now is the time to get in. The cellular data plans have reduced prices across the unlimited offers while upping the high-speed data. The Simply Unlimited plan will now cost you $50 per month instead of $60 per month. The Unlimited Plus now goes for $65 per month, after a $5 cut. Both prices are for single lines.

Google is cutting the cost for the first time since the two plans launched in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

In addition, Google has bumped the high-speed data allowance on the Unlimited Plan to 50 GB from 22 GB. The Simply Unlimited now offers 35 GB instead of 22 GB. Of course, your data will get throttled after you exceed your cap.

However, if you use your mobile phone or laptop as a hotspot, Google offers an additional 5 GB on the Simply Unlimited plan. Previously, the extra 5G was only provided on the Unlimited Plus plan.

Meanwhile, these changes now mean that the Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans offer different caps for high-speed data. However, there are other differences between the two plans. The Simply Unlimited plan has more limitations, including fewer destinations for the bundled free calls and texts. It also has fewer options for sharing an internet connection through a hotspot.

Google is also adding unlimited calls to both unlimited plans in Canada and Mexico. Before this, subscribers could only make calls from outside into the two countries but couldn’t initiate calls inside either territory.

The Flexible pay-as-you-go plan is also being upgraded with free calls to Canada and Mexico, but the price remains $20 per month for a line and a $10 per GB usage fee.

While the Simply Unlimited plan has more limitations than the Unlimited Plus, the former is still a better proposition price-wise compared to the competition. For example, Visible by Verizon offers an unlimited plan for $40 per month on a single line. The network’s unlimited plan has a starting cost of $70 per month on paperless billing and auto-pay. The cheapest unlimited plan from AT&T costs $65 per month with paperless billing and auto-pay. T-Mobile offers the most affordable unlimited plan of the three with its $60 per month Essentials with auto-pay.

According to Google Fi’s blog post, there are more benefits to its data plans. “No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get fast coverage, including nationwide 5G for supported phones and helpful features — all at no extra cost. For instance, if you’re a parent, one of your biggest concerns might be your child’s safety. Our privacy and security features include spam blocking, a built-in VPN, and end-to-end encrypted calls for Android phones on Fi to protect your family’s personal information. And family features allow you to block contact from strangers, set data budgets, share your location with family members, and more.”

There is also room for flexibility. “With Fi, you’re never locked into contracts, and you can cancel anytime. You can join right from home without having to walk into a store, and you can easily switch between plans, so you have room to grow if your needs change.”

Written by HackerVibes

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