The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be great if it has these features

Samsung has been knocking it out of the park with the Galaxy line. The S21 gets lots of things right which has helped Samsung sell the phone by the boatload. The next iteration, the S22 coming next year, is said to have a better picture sensor. However, there are other features that will clearly make the S22 better. We have listed the features that will make the Galaxy S22 perfect here.

Expandable Storage

There was a time Samsung differentiated its phones, including the top models, with expandable storage. It allowed users to add microSD cards and expand their storage capacity. However, Samsung stopped offering the option with the Galaxy S21, and buyers were stuck with the internal memory.

This limited storage is most obvious on phones with huge camera megapixels as the photos and videos are larger, meaning you will quickly fill up the internal space. With the S22 expected to have the biggest camera ever in the history of the phone, external storage is more of a necessity.

Apart from the camera, external storage allows some users to quickly transfer their files to their new phones by simply extracting their microSD card and popping it into their new phone. These files include photos, music, movies, and even work documents. Also, with games getting better graphics and occupying more space, expandable storage will make the S22 far more enjoyable.

Samsung can make the S22 better by bringing back expandable storage.

Dedicated AMD graphics

If only Samsung and AMD could work together to make a dedicated graphics chip! The S22 will be better if it offers more graphics muscle, which will show in renderings in games. There is no reason the graphics on the S22 should not rival what dedicated gaming consoles offer. However, we admit the S21 is not doing badly functioning as a mobile gaming unit.

Some years back, there was talk about such a partnership, but it has not resulted in any concrete hardware upgrade. Perhaps 2022 is the year?

Make the S22 better by making the price cheaper?

There is no doubt that Samsung is proud of its top of the line phones and feels justified to charge a premium for them. However, many people want their well-designed and packaged mobile phones not as expensive!

Samsung can reduce the price of the S22, as it did with the S21. The company applied some tricks to achieve the reduced price after seeing how the S21 performed sales-wise. It switched to a plastic back from glass, enabling it to cut $200 from the base price.

Even if Samsung can’t sacrifice any feature to lower the price further, it should refrain from increasing it back to S20 levels so that more people can enjoy the benefit of a nicely made phone.

How about making the Galaxy S22 better by making a smaller but powerful model?

Most phone makers have been steadily increasing the size of their flagship phones until they have all become these huge slabs that can hardly fit in your pocket. While the larger screens have their advantages, including showing more content and offering more immersive gaming or video watching experience, there are benefits to smaller but equally powerful phones.

Not everybody wants to carry around almost 7 inches of fragile electronic devices, nor want to carry a bag solely for transporting their jumbo-sized phones. Samsung should try to make a 6 inch top model or even less so that folks with smaller hands and tighter jeans in their wardrobes can enjoy the best cameras.

The demographic preferring to operate their phones with one hand is huge enough for Samsung to address profitably.      

Written by HackerVibes

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