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Samsung Galaxy S22 rumors, release date, specs, news, price and all of the leaks

Samsung makes some of the most popular smartphones in the world. Its Galaxy line of phones, which run on the Android operating systems, represent the top models, and there is great anticipation for what the South Korean manufacturer will release next.

If you have been following Samsung releases, you will know the next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S22, will likely be released in January or February 2022. They will be successors to the 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung canceled the Galaxy Note for this year.

Here, we have rounded up all the rumors and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date

While Samsung has been known to release in either January or February, the latter is more likely for next year because it will follow the pattern for this year. This seems to be supported by news that the phones have entered in late October.

However, Samsung could go back to releasing the flagship in March. But it is best to start planning now if you are looking to cop one.

We must add that there is a possibility of a December launch, according to some rumors, and the fact that there has been no Note release this year.

How much will you pay for the Samsung Galaxy S22?

There is no reason to expect any significant change from the prices this year. The S21 starts at $799, while the S21 Plus starts at $999, and the S21 Ultra starts at a pricier $1,199. Expect similar prices for the S22 next year.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 design change?

Don’t expect radical changes from this year’s design, according to people with internal sources. Samsung is sticking to what is clearly selling. Minor changes include an arrangement of the back cameras in a ‘P’ shape on the Ultra, according to leaks.

Supporting the ‘P’ back camera arrangement on the Ultra is the leak of case manufacturers that clearly show a cut-out that makes allowance for a ‘P’ shape.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S22 display look like?

Rumors suggest there will be some changes in screens sizes. We have heard the standard S22 will have a 6.06-inch screen, different from the 6.2-inch on the current version, the Plus will get a 6.55-inch screen, a step down from the current 6.2-inch, and the Ultra will sport a 6.81-inch, this time up from the 6.8-inch on the current version.

This rumored increase in the size of the Ultra has probably fueled the rumor that the Ultra will replace the Note.

We also hear Samsung will enable 120 Hz refresh rates, paired with an FHD+ resolution on the standard S22 and the Plus. The Ultra will allegedly get a QHD+. Another leaker claims the Ultra will have the brightest phone screen ever by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S22 color options

It appears Samsung will do some color refreshes next year. Rumors have it that you will be able to pick from white, black, rose gold, and green for the standard S22 and Plus. Ultra buyers will choose from white, black, dark red, and green.

Samsung Galaxy S22 camera

You can always depend on the top Galaxy phones for good photos, but that won’t stop Samsung from improving them. Next year, the standard and the Plus will have a 50 MP main sensor, a 12 MP ultra-wide, and a 12 MP telephoto that will do 3x zoom.

Sources claim the Ultra could sport an impressive 200 MP main camera and an equally impressive under-display front camera. This will make the front a continuous bright slab. However, some other sources have put a damper on the under-display front camera, claiming the picture quality is not of flagship level.

Will the battery change in the Samsung Galaxy S22?

We have heard the standard S22 will get a 3,800 mAh battery, while the Plus will get 4,600 mAh. The Ultra is rumored to get 5,000 mAh. If this pans out, then only the Ultra gets an upgrade as the others are downgrades, even though slight.

Other rumors put the Plus battery even lower at 4,500 mAh and the standard at 3,700 mAh.

However, what is not a rumor is that chargers will be missing in the packaging box, as confirmed by Samsung.

What other features will the Samsung Galaxy S22 have?

There have been rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will use an Exynos 2200 chipset that will be paired with an AMD GPU that will support ray tracing.

RAM and storage are not expected to change. But we have heard the S22 might have vapor chambers to keep things cool.

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