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Fortnite releases new seasons with new items

Fortnite has released Chapter 3: Season 2 of its battle royale franchise, and it is a bit different. The new installment by Epic Games is called Resistance, and the company has released a trailer, shown below.

You will see a Marvel sorcerer involved in the thick of things.

The changes coming this season include the wiping out of building, one of the game’s hallmarks. However, Fornite now offers you an extra shield, the overshield, for use in defense. You can also make moves faster, including sprinting and climbing.

Other changes include blimps that you can explore and tanks that you can drive. There are also some new guns. You can also get the refreshed iconic battle bus, which you can operate at the end of the season if you donate a certain amount of gold.

Also, the battle pass for the new season gives you several unlockable characters. The characters include Doctor Strange and new names like The Imagined and The Origin.

The last chapter of Season 1 opened in December. The season brought destructive weather, giant monsters, and sped-up movements. It also included collaboration with big names like music icon Bruno Mars and tennis star Naomi Osaka.

The excerpt from Epic’s blog post shows some of the rest of the changes.


Run at the new, faster default movement speed. A faster default movement speed means a faster sprint too! This sprint is so fast that it’ll mean pocketing whatever you’re holding. Of course, sprinting super fast can’t be maintained forever, so a new sprint meter will tell you how much longer you can move at that pace.


Gaining the high ground has always been key to winning a battle. And fortunately, where your feet fail, your hands will now help you out. If a surface is just a little too high for your jump — or a platform just a little too far for your landing — your hands can come into play and pull you up!


Speaking of sprinting, sprint at doors to bash them open with your shoulder. It’s probably not very polite, but at least you look cool doing it. 


A different kind of vote is live right now. Instead of an item unvault vote, it’s a Turret device vote! Different pro-Resistance sites need help deciding whether to install a Light Turret or a Heavy Turret. With the former, get the classic Mounted Turret experience. With the slower but beefier latter, do heavy damage to vehicles. The first site that needs help is Sanctuary!  


There’s another way you can contribute with Bars right away: funding the Armored Battle Bus.

The Armored Battle Bus is a Battle Bus that’s… ready for battle. This intimidating metallic machine has just about all the fixins: Chonkers tires, a Cow Catcher for extra ramming power, and a Light and Heavy Turret.

It’s not all business with this vehicle, though. If you turn the radio on, it immediately becomes a party bus! Once 100% Funded, find an Armored Battle Bus in Resistance-occupied POIs.


What’s one way to barrel through obstacles? An IO Titan Tank! But a Titan’s good for more than just strong-arming. Fire the Titan’s cannon while you drive, and if you wanna be even more formidable, have a teammate control its machine gun turret.

IO Titan Tanks have a massive amount of Health, but their treads can be destroyed if they take enough damage. If this happens, fix ’em up by hand or with a Repair Torch! The Titan’s a tough battle-tested machine, so what to do if you’re up against one? Deal enough damage to the engine (located at the rear) to temporarily overheat its systems. This is a prime opportunity to take on the treads! 

Written by HackerVibes

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