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Ford recalls more than 100,000 Escapes, Mavericks, and Corsair due to fire risk

Cars are complicated products to make, and every now and then, an automaker recalls its vehicles to fix something. The latest carmaker to issue a recall is Ford, and the recall affects more than 100,000 cars, including Mavericks, Escapes, and Corsairs. The issue has to do with fire risk.

If you drive a Ford Maverick, Corsair, or Escape of 2020 to 2022 models, your car may be due for a fix to prevent a fire risk. Reuters and CNBC report that Ford has discovered the cars have a risk of developing fire under the hood. More than 100,000 cars in the US are affected, and they are all equipped with hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrain with 2.5-liter engines.

The problem is that when the engine fails, the ignition sources could get flooded by engine oil and fuel vapor, which could start a fire. The affected cars will have their under-engine shield and active grille shutter adjusted so air can flow better. This will be done by dealers.

CNBC reports that Ford has received a total of 23 reports of the overflooding issue with the engine running. However, no injuries have been recorded. It is not asking owners to take any precaution until a fix is available.

Ford will begin notifying owners by August 8th.

Meanwhile, Ford is already dealing with another recall, involving some 2021 Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition SUVs for the possibility of fires starting under the hood. The carmaker initially said 39,000 cars were affected but later updated the figure to 66,221 vehicles built from the 27th of July 2020 to the 31st of August 2021. Drivers reported 16 cases, causing at least one injury.

Ford blames the Covid-19 pandemic for the problems as it switched supplies during the period. It says the new vendor supplied printed circuit boards that were “uniquely susceptible to a high-current short.”

If you own an affected Lincoln Navigator or Ford Expedition, Ford says you should park out and not close to structures, as there is a risk of fire even when you have parked and switched off the engine. However, you can still drive your car until there are parts available for the fix in September.

Ford has already procured replacement parts for almost one-third of cars equipped with an 800-watt cooling fan system, but cars with a 700-watt cooling fan system will wait till September.

Even Ford’s purely electric cars are not spared from recalls, as the company recalled about 49,000 Mustang Mach-E last month to fix safety problems with the battery. It even stopped making deliveries, but a software fix has now been found which has been sent to dealers. Mustang Mach-E’s that have been delivered will get the update over the air.

Written by HackerVibes

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