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The Ford F-150 Lightning launch set for April 26th

Ford has teased and talked about its electric pickup truck, the Ford F-150 Lightning. However, folks fortunate enough to hold a pre-order now have a date that they can expect to get their much-awaited truck; April 26th.

If you are interested in pickup trucks that are electric, it is time to set a reminder on your calendar. According to a tweet by Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, Lightning is striking on April 26th! That is the date the American automaker will start delivering the eagerly awaited Ford F-150 Lightning. The event will begin at 1:30 PM ET.

However, you must set your expectations accordingly because, apparently, not everybody will get their truck on April 26th. The queue for the truck is so long that Ford is not even accepting new pre-orders.

Meanwhile, Ford has tried to prevent dealerships from ripping buyers off by adding high markups. Also, buyers looking to make a quick buck by reselling their trucks may not be able to do so, thanks to the contract they will sign.

Everybody will eventually get their Lightning, but it may take a while as Ford will take a while to hit its 150,000 units year goal.

While you cannot put in your pre-orders at the moment, Ford has arranged for another live stream event after the main one on April 27th, where future owners will learn more about the battery-powered truck. You can keep up to date as Ford plans to do more live streams every month. In other words, you can become an expert about the truck before physically meeting one.

The F-150 Lightning is shaping up to be a really good contender in the world of battery-powered trucks. The EPA recently confirmed the truck had 20 miles more range than Ford had estimated, a great bonus.

Ford promises lots of practical features, including a cavernous front trunk or frunk where you can store your cargo more securely on your trips. The truck also allows you to charge or power other electric devices from the battery, which should make it a darling of workers with power tools working in remote locations.

The F-150 Lightning, adapted from the popular F-150 ICE series, competes with the Rivian R1T, perennial rival GM Silverado EV, upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, etc. Ford offers it for individual purchases and fleet operations.

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