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Tired of your Tesla car? You can blow it up like this Finn did to his Model S

A Finnish Tesla Model S had enough when presented with a $22,600 repair bill. He decided to dispose of the car in a blaze of glory by blowing it up.

Finnish Tesla Model S owner Tuomas Katainen got more than he bargained for when he got a $22,600 quote to replace his battery. The Tesla in question was a 2013 model that performed well when Katainen bought it. However, the dream experience Katainen expected slowly began to morph into a nightmare after he drove 1500 km. He began to get error codes which prompted him to visit a Tesla dealer repair shop.

Unfortunately for Katainen, the technicians could not fix his car even after a month. They offered to replace the battery for the amount mentioned earlier. But that was not all, as he would have to get permission from Tesla to fix his car!

Katainen decided the repair was not worth it. $22,600 is more than half the price of a used 2013 Model S, which apparently goes for $42,900 in Finland. Meanwhile, the Model S cost $57,400 back in 2013.

If you wondered why Tesla didn’t replace the battery under warranty, the Model S came with an eight-year warranty or 150,000 miles. This means the warranty expired just this year. Katainen won’t be the only owner facing this issue as the warranties of the earliest units are starting to expire.

Drivers in this situation are finding out how expensive out-of-warranty battery replacements could be. A popular EV blog reported another frustrated Tesla owner that got a slightly lower quote of $22,500 for the same battery. However, the Tesla owner was able to do the replacement at a third-party shop for the relatively low price of $5,000.

This left a paperweight in Katainen’s hands, and instead of selling the parts of the car, he decided on a more exciting means of disposal. He picked up the car and teamed up with a group of guys that got a kick out of making objects explode.

These guys even have a YouTube channel where you can follow their explosive shenanigans. They go by the Finnish name Pommijatkat, which means Bomb Dudes.

Blowing up a 2013 Tesla Model S is not as easy as it sounds, even for professionals. The site had to be carefully selected to ensure safety. The team decided on a quarry located at Jaala, s rural town in the south of Finland. They also had to think of the pressure wave that the explosion would cause and the blast’s direction.

However, the operation was a success, as witnessed by Elon Musk himself. Okay, it was an Elon Musk replica. The explosion team airdropped a dummy of the Tesla CEO using a helicopter. It was outfitted in a helmet, winter jacket, and a picture of the billionaire’s face.

Katainen himself triggered the explosion from a bunker nearby, and his useless 2013 Tesla Model S ended up as pieces strewn all over the place. The unique method of disposal required about 30 kg of dynamites. And, of course, the offending battery was removed before the blast.

Asked which he preferred between a functional Tesla car and one that goes up in flames, Katainen leans toward the latter! His first taste of explosion seemed to have left a good taste in his mouth.

It is unclear whether Katainen had access to third-party auto shops that could do the battery replacement. However, the blow-up method was so successful and satisfying that we wonder why humanity has not been disposing of vehicles in this manner.

You can watch the video of the blast here.

Written by HackerVibes

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