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Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga make a video game to promote new clothing line

Sometimes fashion and IT cross paths and produce the least expected. Three fashion brands, Gap, Ye, and Balenciaga, have created a mobile game to promote a collaboration between all of them.

The three popular brands are creating a collection (expensive, by the way), and it is being launched simultaneously with a game. The game is quite simple and can be played on the web and on your phone.

You start playing by creating an avatar, and you get to select the gender and skin tone of your creation. Then, as you may guess, you deck out your avatar in an outfit. Your choice of clothing is mainly futuristic in appearance like your avatar will be one of the last survivors of an apocalypse. But of course, Kanye West is involved, so you can expect that.

At this point, if you are here for the fashion, the game can quickly get boring because there isn’t much you can do. Your avatar can rise to the sky while you collect birds by moving your phone from side to side to keep floating. In effect, this is an arcade game with the characters wearing cool clothes designed by world-class fashion houses.

Fashion companies are paying more attention to games and other online endeavors like the metaverse. For example, Balenciaga has worked with Fortnite and produced virtual clothes for Meta’s avatar store. Burberry, Gucci, and Longchamp are other fashion brands that are also trying to make games work for them.

Written by HackerVibes

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