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Cross-platform parties enabled in Fall Guys

Players of Fall Guys game can now hold parties across multiple devices, increasing the game’s functionality.

If you play Fall Guys, the maker, Mediatronic, has added a new feature that lets you party with more people. The game now has cross-play between PlayStation and PC gamers.

The new feature is part of the season 6 mid-season set of updates. To enjoy this feature, you need to link your Epic Account (Epic Games owns Mediatronic) to the game, but the update will make the game prompt you to do so after launch if you haven’t.

Before now, there was little cross-play in the game, and players had to go through the trouble of creating custom lobbies to play with people on other gaming platforms. Although you could play against other players using different hardware, Mediatronic did not allow cross-platform parties.

Writing in the company’s blog, Mediatronic said, “So first and foremost, we’re SO pumped to announce the arrival of cross-platform lobbies! This means that you and your friends can form parties while playing Fall Guys regardless of whether they are on PC or PlayStation™. Though you were previously able to form cross-platform lobbies in Custom Shows, this now means you can party-up and enjoy any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys—from Squads, to Duos, to Main Show and beyond.

 “As long as you and your friends have already linked your Epic Accounts to Fall Guys, you’ll be able to play together by using the “Invite Players” functionality. Don’t worry if you, or others, haven’t linked accounts yet; there’ll be a prompt to do so upon launching the game. Here’s more info on linking your Epic account! Anyone that you already have added as friends on PlayStation™ or Steam will automatically appear in your Epic friends list. To add new friends, simply search for them by using their Epic or PlayStation™ name, and voila – if they also have a linked account, their name will appear.”

It had been surprising that cross-platform partying did not exist as one of the biggest signatures of Epic games is allowing players from different hardware to interact. The company’s other titles, Fortnite and Rocket League, are famous for welcoming players on any device.

However, while players want it, cross-platforming is not in the best interest of console or hardware makers that usually prefer exclusivity. For example, Sony kicked against Fortnite and Rocket League going cross-platform but gave in due to overwhelming demand from players.

Mediatronic is yet to enable the same feature on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch. However, it has promised it is coming in a future update. “We know that news regarding Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox is highly anticipated. We’re finalising development, and though it isn’t within this update, it’s still coming! Until then, we’re super excited to enable this cross-platform functionality for our existing platforms as a first step.”

Other features in the update include Sweet Thieves. “You may have heard whispers of this mode in the past under a different name – or, perhaps, seen an erroneous image called INVISIBEANS PLACEHOLDER circa Season 6 launch. Under a new, sweeter name, Sweet Thieves is coming to the game in the very near future. This Round is split into two types of players: Thieves, and Guardians. Whilst the Thieves navigate the level to secure and steal candy pieces, Guardians must locate and detain them, and ultimately send the Thieves to Jail. Don’t worry though, Thieves can free each other at the push of a button…”

There is a long list of fixes and improvements as well in this update.

Written by HackerVibes

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