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Facebook shuts down Campus feature meant for college students

Facebook went back to its roots and found out the roots were no longer attractive.

The most popular social network, Facebook, has decided to shut down a feature of its app named Campus. The feature, designed specifically for students in colleges, turned out not to be so popular, prompting Meta to discontinue it. The Campus section will not be available after March 10th.

The Campus feature offers a customized news feed and allows users to join groups, events, and chats that are of interest to college students. Meta also let users find and befriend other users through a directory on the app.

In a statement released to the press, spokesperson for Facebook, Leah Luchetti, said, “We’ve decided to end our pilot of Facebook Campus. We learned a lot about the best ways to support college students, and one of the most effective tools to help bring them together is Facebook Groups. We’ve notified students in the test schools that Campus will no longer be available and have suggested relevant college Facebook groups for them to join.”

Facebook will delete all data pertaining to Campus by or after March 10th, including profiles, groups, posts, events, etc. However, you can download your data before that date.

Campus launched in September 2020 and was available as a pilot on 30 US campuses. Each campus was demarcated and users could only interact with users from their school. Also, Facebook partitioned it from the main Facebook app, allowing users to create separate accounts for Campus. The scope eventually expanded to 60 campuses, with plans to add more schools announced in January. The abrupt turnaround is surprising, but Facebook has been notifying users of the impending shutdown via in-app notifications.

Ironically, a feature provided by Facebook for college students fails, going by how the social network started. Facebook began life on a college campus when Mark Zuckerberg and some classmates famously created a network at Harvard, which was limited to Harvard students. The platform was then known as The Facebook and has since grown to become a global phenomenon, catapulting Zuckerberg to the top of the list of richest individuals in the world.

The failure of Campus also highlights a problem Facebook has been battling with; attracting new young users and retaining them, which is also ironic because the platform was started by and for young people. But it appears newer social networks are dragging eyeballs away from the Blue App. Memos within Meta show that even though Facebook has billions of users, teens are becoming an endangered species as they have declined by 13 percent and will probably continue to do so. Even those remaining on the platform do not engage as much as the older users.

With the growth of platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, Facebook has its work cut out for it making the median age of its users remain low.

Shedding losers will have financial implications for Facebook, as it reported losing over a million users in the key market where it makes the most money from adverts. The social network has also been criticized for the effect it has on its users, especially the younger users it is trying to attempt.

Written by HackerVibes

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