Evolution of the Most successful Gaming Console – The PlayStation

Sony launched its first ever gaming console called PlayStation in 1994, with 5 major consoles since then. The PlayStation franchise is a major part of Sony’s profits. 

We all have had gaming consoles in our rooms as kids and we thought we would take you on a walk down the memory lane to look back on all the Playstation consoles that have been introduced up to now.



Playstation 1 was launched on 3rd December 1994 in Japan. It was part of the 5th generation of gaming consoles with the most advanced and stunning graphics of its time. The most famous games that were on PS were Ridge Racer and Rayman. It became the most selling console ever by selling 102 million units in just under a decade.

Sony has a knack for releasing smaller and smarter versions of their systems since the beginning of time and it started with PS one. Besides being smaller, the graphical user interface was redesigned and the body of the console was considerably rounder than the previous design.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 was also first released in Japan earlier in 2000. It was a huge success for Sony and has become the best-selling gaming console to date. And it was also the first gaming console to play DVDs, a game changer for Sony. 

2001 was a great year for PS owners as so many great games like GTA, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and the greatest of all of course, Devil May Cry were released for PS2. Fast forwards to 2005, a lot of great games like God of War and Guitar Hero still kept the PS2 alive.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

However with the launch of PS3, Sony went a bit outrageous with the price, as PS3 was incredibly expensive for its time but against all odds, it managed to sell over 87 million copies globally. The PlayStation 3 also introduced Wi-Fi and had a 20GB internal hard disc with the compatibility for users to install their own HDD as well. The controllers at first got a lot of criticism from the fans but they were replaced by DualShock 3 in 2007. 

2007 marked the release of the biggest ever exclusive franchise for PS, the Uncharted series. Other big releases were Metal Gear Solid IV and Little Big planet. In 2013, naughty dog released the biggest PS exclusive title of all time, the Last of Us. Sony also launched an updated version of PS3 in 2009 called the PS3 Slim that was followed by a big game called Demon’s souls.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PS4 was the fresh air that everyone needed in the console franchise. With stronger hardware and new features like Suspend/Resume, cloud gaming and being able to play games while they were still downloading  along with the best controllers ever made, Dual shock 4. But an even more powerful version was later released named PS4 Pro. From 2015 to 2019, PS has seen the greatest games of all time, titles like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn have been admired by millions of players around the globe.

PlayStation 5

PS5 is the fifth and the latest installment in the PS division. It was launched in 2020, with a slim and sleek design that caught the eye of millions just as it was revealed. It features 4k and SSD support and is much more powerful than the previous consoles. PS5 comes with a 99 percent backwards compatibility as well.


Sony has managed to exceed the players expectations when it comes to the Playstation series. With 25 years of excellence, Sony has managed to leave its competitors well behind in this raging war of Console technology. I am sure they will manage to keep the momentum going in the future as well.

Written by HackerVibes

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