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Evolution of the Call of Duty franchise

Call of Duty or COD for short is a very tenacious PC gaming franchise with fresh titles also available to play on Xbox and PlayStation. If you have played any first-person shooter game then either the syntax of the game or some of the mechanics might belong or find a reference with this amazing series. If you have played every game in the COD series then you are already familiar with the year in and year out model of the game. According to this, there is a new addition in the series every year that covers a separate story or a consecutive story from the recent franchise and grips the attention of the gamer into a wonderful story-equipped experience. 

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The first game in the series

The first COD launched in 2003 but to express it as a game that solely represented the idea of the modern world first-person shooting games would be a little bleak. Other games such as Medal of Honor in 1999 presented the base idea for the first-person shooter concept. But it was the 2003 edition of Call of Duty that presented it to the audience in a much more refined form. The weaponry was authentic and complete, the missions accurate and rich with details, it was everything a base fan not having much interaction with third-person shooting games might ask for. 

Year-wise COD installations and the changes that these brought

The 2004 title Call of Duty United offensive shared the same mechanics and overall layout but with a bit rich story and background formation of the main characters. The same year Call of Duty Finest Hour came forward with somewhat refined schematics and offering more detailed information on the characters, such as when you focused your camera with the mouse on a specific character their name would come glaring in green. This is a concept that is still in use and also with the current titles. Minor graphics improvements and changes in the health bar were made. 

2005 was the year for COD 2 Big Red One, a massive improvement over the recent titles, this is where you get more refined artillery that was current with that time’s weaponry. COD 3 in 2006 really set the stage for graphical improvement and every little detail of your own player and that of the enemy was apparent here. The missions were more artistic and provided users to ground their concerns in the form of a more tactical approach. 

COD: Modern Warfare—the dawn of modern first-person shooting

2007 is known for two different titles and featured at two different extremes known as COD Roads to victory and COD Modern Warfare. The initial game is not so much in the form of a first-person shooter for PC but for PSP but the latter is what paved the path for every other installation in the franchise. You get to play the game as the rookie recruit Soap MacTavish under the wishful command of Captain Price, a character adored by many and the one that made frequent appearances throughout the franchise. 

The next game in the series is COD World at War which was built on the same narrative as the first COD Modern Warfare but emphasized the First World War. 2009 was for COD Modern Warfare 2 and the Zombie narrative made its way into every COD franchise made at that time. 2010 was when the first COD Black Ops was released taking the gamers on a wild ride of mercenaries which only takes 4-5 people as a group led by you or someone else as the main player, pretty gnarly stuff is waiting for you in the COD Black Ops and you will love it. COD Modern Warfare 3 provided everything that the modern world might have wanted in the essence of the latest weaponry, tactile support, and more aggressive mission sets. 

This is the title where Captain Price seeks revenge against Makarov for Soap MacTavish. Next, the entire COD series got divided into Black Ops and Modern Warfare games. Black Ops II and Black Ops III were the further installments in the COD Black Ops series. As for the main COD franchise, the games that made their debut next were COD Ghost and COD Advanced Warfare. 

A remastered version of the beloved COD Modern Warfare was made available in 2016 and this is where the franchise was basically all out of ideas and had to fall back to draw onto a solid prefix for the next games. And they did a strong rebounding with COD WWII in 2017 and its zombies version was also an instant hit. 2018 was entitled to COD Black Ops 4. 

Coming to a remote end

2019 came forward with COD Modern Warfare where the franchise instead of rewriting the entire COD Modern Warfare series came up with a brilliant idea of showcasing the youthful days of Captain Price. The same year COD Mobile was launched to give some hard time to other mobile battle royales such as PUBG and Fortnite. COD Cold War is the next and the latest installment in the COD franchise and is adored by many players around the world as it was exclusively launched for the new PS5 and the Xbox Series X. 

The evolution made possible in the mechanics, realism, and the GPU intensive aspects of the game is nothing short of marvelous, with every scene turned into something very real and bright which is definitely enough to keep the players on their heels wanting more. COD has done a very good job maintaining a streak of excellence and delivering the audience with what is promised.  



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