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Everything you need to know about Chromebooks

Have you ever wondered what Chromebooks are about? For many people that grew up using Windows or Mac devices, laptops running Google’s ChromeOS might be a mystery. However, the OS is enjoying increasing popularity as the search giant continues to push it aggressively, especially in the education sector, where the advantages are the most obvious.

This increasing adoption does not mean myths and misinformation about Chromebooks have disappeared, as many people have wrong ideas about these devices.

For example, many people wonder if Chromebooks can serve adults, given how easily they fit kids’ needs. Others are certain you can only use them when you connect to the internet. If you want to know about Chromebook and whether it is good for you, keep reading this article. We will start with the advantages of Chromebooks.

The pros of Chromebooks

The biggest advantage of Chromebooks is the price. These devices are very affordable compared to their Windows or Mac counterparts, which is why they are getting popular in sectors where spending budgets are tighter, like the education sector. You can get a functional model from $200, which, in the Windows world, will put you squarely in the bottom-of-the-barrel category with an abysmal user experience.

If you are willing to spend about $500, you will start hitting the premium category, and you can get Chromebooks that are detachable and can function as a tablet. This added functionality lets you paint or make notes with a pen easily on documents.

Chromebooks are very easy to set up, and your new device can be up and running within minutes. All you have to do is log in with your Google account, and all your settings are pulled from the cloud. You also get instant access to your documents stored online.

Chromebooks can be easily transferred between users since all the previous user has to do is sign out of the computer.

This simplicity in setup and management is why schools are going for Chromebooks in record numbers, as the admins can handle them easily.

Using Chromebooks, you can avoid one of the worst nightmares of computing: virus infections. These devices are rarely infected because they are not usually targeted by malicious attackers. You can stay connected to the internet without the fear of getting a virus. The good part is that Google regularly releases security updates that keep you safer.

If anything goes wrong with your Chromebook, it is easy to fix as you all have to do is make use of the Powerwash feature. It will refresh your device within minutes, and you are as good as new.

Chromebooks can handle multiple user accounts, meaning a whole family can use them while maintaining different profiles. Kids can get their own accounts, too, and you can manage and monitor what they can do on their accounts.

Can I use my Chromebook offline?

While it is true that the Chromebook was born on the web and favors constant internet connection, you can actually work just fine when you are offline. You can enable Drive offline, and all your Google Drive account content will be downloaded onto your Chromebook so that you can work anything. Your files will sync automatically when you get an internet connection.

Who are Chromebooks for?

This question requires you to evaluate your computing needs. Many people have found, to their pleasant surprise, that a Chromebook can cover all their daily computer use-cases. Handling emails and browsing the web is nothing for a Chromebook. You can also edit documents easily.

If you need more applications, Google has enabled Android apps running on Chromebooks, giving you access to many more apps.

However, if your work requires powerful software like video editing or coding, Chromebooks might not work for you. But you can try connecting remotely to a more powerful computer through your Chromebook.

Similarly, if you would rather game on your device, whether you can use a Chromebook depends on the type of game. If they are Android games, a Chromebook can handle them with no stress. However, if you play power-intensive games, you need to look beyond Chromebooks. But you can try the remote connection method to play on a more powerful device. You could also do game streaming, offered by both Google (Stadia) and Microsoft (xCloud), that work inside a browser.

If you want to run Windows on your Chromebook, there is a version of Parallels that lets you install the OS, although it is more suited for business users.

Written by HackerVibes

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