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Missing Fortnite on your iOS device? Nvidia’s GeForce Now is bringing it back!

As a result of the fallout between Apple and Epic Games, the popular game Fortnite remains banished from all Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. However, thanks to GeForce, you can now resume the game on your iOS device.

Fortnite may continue its conspicuous absence in Apple’s App Store. However, if you own an iPhone or an iPad and want to play the famous battle royale game, there is a workaround courtesy of Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. Players can now stream the game by participating in a closed beta. You will be helping to test a new version of Fortnite meant for streaming.

This news is not surprising because both Nvidia and Epic Games have been hyping the return of Fortnite to iOS devices despite the continued ban by Apple. GeForce Now gives players access to games through web browsers. This workaround was necessary due to Apple’s insistence on how game streaming should work on its devices. In fact, other game streaming platforms like Microsoft’s xCloud, Google’s Stadia have to go through the same process.

Apparently, Apple can’t control what users can do, or in this case, stream, through their browsers, giving Epic Games the chance to skirt the Cupertino-based company’s restrictions. Epic had been promising to make Fortnite available o GeForce Now since late 2020, when the service landed on Apple devices.

However, Android players had had access to Fortnite through GeForce Now on their devices before this time, although they could only stream the game’s desktop version. But this new version launching on iOS is optimized for mobile devices. It looks and works like the older mobile version of the game.

Android players must note that by joining the beta program, they will no longer be able to use keyboards and mice as they can currently.

If you are on other game streaming platforms apart from GeForce Now, you might not be able to stream Fortnite as Epic Games is partnering only with GeForce Now. The game creator avoids Microsoft’s xCloud because it will have to fork over 30 percent of its revenue, the main bone of contention with Apple. Epic is also concerned that offering Fortnite through xCloud will affect sales of the game’s PC version.

GeForce Now does not have such a requirement, meaning Epic gets to keep every cent of all in-game purchases made by the players when they stream.

You can sign up for the beta now, although Nvidia says only select people will join the program later this month. The company is not sure of how long the beta will last, which could have given us an idea of when to expect the game fully. However, the sign-on process is open to both paid and free-tier GeForce Now users.

Game streaming has come a long way since they started, but that does not mean they can offer the same experience as native games. For instance, only people with an internet connection with the tiniest lag can enjoy the service. However, playing Fortnite through GeForce Now might be better than nothing for fans desperate to join in the fun on their mobile devices.

Epic Games sued Apple last year after getting booted out of the App Store for deliberately flouting Apple’s rules on third-party payment methods. The lawsuit ended with no clear victory to either side. Epic was not allowed to return to the lucrative App Store, while Apple was compelled to let apps include external payment links. However, Apple does not need to follow the ruling immediately as it successfully sought a stay pending the outcome of its appeal.

Written by HackerVibes

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