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Buying a long range electric vehicle? Check out this list!

There used to be a time when electric vehicles lacked in driving range, and people were hesitant to rely on them as their main cars. However, those times are firmly behind us now as EVs now boast enough distance to make them fit as everyday cars. Even for long-distance drivers, the EVs of today are capable as you could recharge faster than faster.

In this article, we will look at some of the longest-range EVs you can buy today!

Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid Air Dream Edition ( Courtesy of Lucid)

Tesla used to be the king of range, but that accolade now belongs to Lucid Motors with its Lucid Air Dream Edition. The sedan can last a whopping 520 miles on a single charge, according to the EPA. That is a lot of driving before you need to stop for a charge!

Lucid has only recently started to make the cars for delivery to customers who had booked. The company planned to make only 500 for the initial run but decided to add another 20 units to celebrate the EPA’s range certification.

You would, however, be willing to part with a big chunk of money as the EV starts at $169,000. For more budget-conscious buyers, Lucid will release less pricey versions sometime next year but with less range.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S (Courtesy of Tesla)

Until its dethronement, Tesla’s dual-motor Model S Long Range was the most enduring EV with a range of 405 miles as tested by the EPA. It starts at almost $90,000, but you will also get a speed machine that will go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph.

Tesla sells the Model S Plaid that starts at $130,000 and will last 396 miles per full charge. If you are wondering why you get less range from paying more, the Plaid edition is built for performance. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes under 2 seconds, and you can cruise at 200 mph with its tri electric motor setup.

Both variants are all-wheel-drive.

With a Tesla, you will get access to a global network of Superchargers, more than 25,000 of them, that rapidly charges your battery.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Courtesy of Tesla)

You won’t be surprised to see another Tesla on this list, and it is there for a good reason. The Model 3, currently the best-selling EV ever, goes 356 miles in its most enduring version. This car almost threw Tesla out of business, but we are glad both company and car survived the ordeal.

Tesla has two other variants of the Model 3 that yield 315 and 262 miles per charge.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT available early fall 2021. (Closed course. Professional driver. Do not attempt.)

This electric car is from an established car maker, unlike the first two entries. Ford imported both the name and look from its popular Mustang line.

The Mustang Mach-E also belongs in the above-300 club, with the EPA able to squeeze out 305 miles before recharging.

While many fans continue to debate the morality of Ford’s decision to appropriate the iconic branding and styling for a non-emission car, we are glad to have a Ford that is electric and can drive for longer.

Rivian R1T Launch Edition

Rivian R1T (Courtney of Rivian)

Rivian recently made news when it rolled the first production vehicle of its assembly line. The vehicle that rolled off is the R1T electric pickup truck that makes our list because it lasts more than 300 miles on a single charge.

Interestingly, Rivian is backed by Ford, which has a place on our list, and Amazon who has ordered 100,000 electric vans from the company.

That massive order won’t stop Rivian from releasing the R1S SUV with a similarly impressive range next year.

Apart from the range, the R1T comes with interesting features that make it suitable for adventuring, like an electric cooker feeding off the battery and an air compressor for when nature punctures your tires in a remote place.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric ( Courtesy of Hyundai)

Our first dip below 300 miles comes from Hyundai with the Kona Electric. This is the electrified version of the successful ICE Kona and will yield 258 miles. It might be less than the likes of the Model S, but there is no doubt you will get around quickly in this car.

Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 (Courtesy of Volkswagen)

Remember the dieselgate scandal? German Volkswagen would like you to focus on the ID.4 instead. The first batch of the electric car sold out within hours, meaning buyers were willing to forget the sordid past.

The ID.4 boasts a range of 250 miles, a good sign for a company attempting to pivot to an all-electric car company.


Many other great cars have not featured in our list. However, the most exciting point is that electric cars have come of age in terms of range and can serve as the trusty family car.

Written by HackerVibes

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