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Hackers take advantage of Elden Ring’s vulnerability to throw players into infinite death loops

Most hackers like to spoil the fun for everybody, and they are it again. Thanks to their unscrupulous activities, players of Elden Ring are now languishing in infinite death loops.

Death is never a nice thing, not even in games. However, some hackers do not care about how their actions affect others. Some of the bad actors have taken advantage of an exploit causing Elden Ring players to be locked in an unending death sequence.

This exploit was first reported by PC Gamer.

The hack occurs when an invader invokes a specific ability within the game. It triggers a glitch that sends the host’s game crashing. When the host closes the game and tries to re-login, his player will repeatedly fall and die.

Some players have reported losing over 100 hours game play.

According to PC Gamer, here are the steps you can take to protect yourself from this hack:

“Avoid online play: You don’t have to launch Elden Ring in offline mode necessarily. Co-op and invasions are opt-in by area, and you can choose to not engage with this aspect. This is far from an ideal solution, however.

“Back up your saves: Elden Ring saves are located in C:/Users/[name]/AppData/Roaming/EldenRing (you’ll need “view hidden files” enabled in File Explorer to see them). Just copy the folder whose name is a long string of numbers and keep the backup somewhere safe, updating it at your discretion.

“If you find yourself the victim of this prank and don’t have a backup of your saves, some users have reported a fix to get yourself out of the death loop. It’s still possible to warp to another site of grace while falling, with the only complication being that you have a very small window to do so before dying and getting sent to a loading screen again.”

Meanwhile, some players have been suggesting workarounds. For example, Draiganedig on Elden Ring subreddit says that pressing Alt-F4 while logging out will allow you to maneuver before dying the next time you log in. You can then press Y on your Xbox controller or similar one while on the map screen, which will center the cursor on the roundtable Hold site of grace. What you are trying to do is get the map open in time before you die again, then press Y and confirm your choice. It is a race against time, and it doesn’t work 100 percent of the time, but it is worth a shot when you have been affected.

The game publishers, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have yet to comment on the hack.

Meanwhile, another title from the publishers suffered an exploit attack earlier this year. Dark Souls players were left open to malicious remote code execution attacks. The game has remained shut down since last month as the devs scrambled to fix the problem.

Interestingly, players were concerned the then-upcoming Elden Ring would have the same fate. Hopefully, Elden Ring’s vulnerability could be fixed without the game having to be shut down.

Written by HackerVibes

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