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Eddy Cue, Apple VP, joins in the scramble for Xbox consoles

If you have tried in vain to get hold of an Xbox, you take some comfort in knowing you are not alone. In fact, well-placed members of the society are also in the same predicament. Eddy Cue, one of the top execs at Apple is also scrambling to get one. The VP of services is desperate enough to follow the Twitter account, @XboxStockAlerts. Cue’s ways were made known to all by another handle that tracks who the big guys in tech recently follow. We guess Cue has notifications turned on for the account’s tweets.

From the handle, @XboxStockAlerts, it is clear what the account is meant for. Many people are so eager to get an Xbox that they want to be alerted when any store announces new stock. After a year of release, the Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles remain as scarce as gold, thanks in no small part to the global chip shortage. The pandemic did not help things either.

Microsoft simply cannot get enough materials to make enough Xbox consoles. So the few units Microsoft could make are quickly distributed to its retail partners. Each seller can make the consoles available as they wish.

The Xbox is not the only gaming console facing this problem, as its arch-rival, the PlayStation, is experiencing the same shortage.

While we understand Cue’s desire to get an Xbox console (Halo has lots of fans, you see), what is puzzling is why this high-net-worth individual doesn’t have a contact that could get him one or two consoles. It is no secret that Apple compensates its senior staff generously, plus you don’t work your way to where Cue is career-wise without picking up connections that could be useful in times of scarcity like this.

The Verge’s Drew Angerer theorized that Cue is doing some market research on the demand and supply of Microsoft’s gaming consoles. However, it is hard to cut the senior executive some slack since his employer made it hard to play big Xbox-exclusive games on iOS devices.

On a more serious note, how can you better your chances of finding an Xbox?

Two places you should check out are Target and GameStop. The former is said to be withholding stock for an online event, so you should keep an eye on that place. Watch out for between 7 and 8 a.m. ET, which is when Target usually restocks. They won’t even announce it, so you have to stay super vigilant.

However, GameStop restocks often happen in the afternoon, so keep track of that store, too.

To increase your chances of snagging a console during an online sale, you just have to be prepared and determined. Open as many browsers as you can. If you have multiple devices, open the retailer’s website on all of them. Position all of them in such a way that you can buy from any of them.

Keep your account logged, so you don’t waste time inputting your username and password when sales have started. Every second counts in this race. Yes, it is a race as you are trying to beat others to the prize.

And if you are able to lock one down, don’t celebrate or brag to your circle of friends yet until you get a confirmation email. Some transactions get stuck somewhere along the process in high-pressure occasions like this, and you don’t want to set yourself up for some Xbox-related ribbing.

Coming back to Cue’s preferred method of keeping informed of restocks via Twitter, you might want to stay off links from the popular micro-blogging platform. Many of such links are used for scamming operations where your credit card details are lifted and used to dupe you.

Don’t be tempted by offers from unofficial sites. If the asking price is too low or too high, don’t go near it! Some places will even offer you bundles, but you are better without them.

Written by HackerVibes

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