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EcoFLow introduces air-conditioning for the outdoor

You may be familiar with the concept of air conditioning closed spaces like a room, but what about when you are out in the open? EcoFlow thinks the lack of sealed walls should not stop air conditioning efforts.

EcoFlow makes batteries, but the company is trying something new, both for itself and most of the buying public; it is working on an AC you can use when you are outside. The EcoFlow Wave offers outdoor air conditioning, and it can do so because it is the world’s most powerful cooling implement. The company also claims it has the longest run time.

The company released some pictures that show an EcoFlow Wave doing its thing out in the open as the owner lounges on the grass. However, other photos show the device working in a more traditional setting inside a van and a cabin.

The EcoFlow Wave weighs 38.56 lbs. however, when you add the 1,008 kWh battery that powers it, the combination weighs about 56 lbs. EcoFlow actually makes heavy batteries, and this cool device (pardon the pun) might just be an excuse to move more batteries.

You can’t buy the public space air conditioner yet, but you can place an order for it. The Wave Portable goes for $1,199, which is EcoFLow knocking off $300 on top of early pre-orders. However, if you want to stay cool for as long as possible, you can get the far more expensive Delta Pro power station bundle, taking the price to $3,999. You can get up to 12 hours of cooling time with this SKU.

EcoFlow says you can expect your devices by July when they will have achieved 4,000 BTU cooling capacity. That capacity ranks among the highest among portable battery-powered air conditioners. However, that is still below what most window air conditioners offer, which could be anywhere from 5,000 and 12,000 BTU.

The EcoFlow Wave will cool an area equivalent to a four-person tent from 84 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can power your EcoFlow Wave from solar panels (this can actually charge the battery completely under five hours), car power outlets, mobile power stations, or wall sockets to charge the battery. The company says the condensation water will not cause a nuisance because it will evaporate automatically when humidity is less than 70 percent.

There is a smartphone app for controlling the EcoFlow Wave through a wireless connection or Bluetooth.

With temperatures rising in many places, the idea of outdoor air conditioning may not look so off. EcoFlow says on its website that almost 1.7 million people are interested in the product.

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