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Dyson shows off the Zone, a pair of headphones with an air-purifier built in

If you prefer to wear a pair of headphones, why not combine them with an air purifier? That way, you will always have fresh air to accompany your music or whatever audio is coming through the earphones. Or so Dyson thinks with its new gadget that combines headphones with a built-in air purifier.

Apparently, there is an intersection between headphones and air purifiers, and Dyson has decided to occupy the position. The UK-based company has released the Zone, a pair of headphones that will ensure you breathe in clean air.

This one-of-a-kind invention, sporting a real-life magnetic face visor, has now taken the title of the most bizarre invention by the company. In reality, the title is very competitive within the company.

Dyson claims city air can be high in pollutants, from industrial emissions to the exhausts of the car you drive around. It also says public spaces can be full of bacteria and allergens.

If you think the Zone is not a well-thought-out device, you couldn’t be more wrong, as it was engineered to breathe, according to Dyson. It says its engineers developed a manikin with a set of mechanical lungs that was programmed to breathe as a human does. This allowed Dyson to test the correct amount of airflow through the Zone accurately.

Dyson has killed the two birds of noise and air pollution by combining Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones with an air purifier.

Meanwhile, Dyson already had the air purification technology and merely miniaturized it into a form factor that fits on your face. The Zone sucks in air through the earpieces with the aid of tiny compressors and passes it through the strange-looking visor so that you may breathe it in. This is after the device has extracted all the particles and pollutants.

The visor doesn’t actually snap over your nose but sits at a short distance in front of your face. This leaves a gap where your clean air can build up for you to breathe in. However, it is possible if you need to wear a mask with the Zone.

Dyson uses several magnets to make the visor stay in place, but you can remove it for the times you just want to listen to music without breathing in purified air. You can also just flip it down, out of the way, if you’re talking to the people around you. A Zone user should use this feature a lot as people would likely ask you why you have a sci-fi-looking thing blocking most of your face.

Intelligently, the Zone offers different levels of performance corresponding to varying levels of physical exertion. For instance, if you are having your daily jog, you can ratchet up the amount of oxygen processed as you will need more than when you are reading a book in the local park. The Zone can do this adjustment automatically using accelerometers.

How efficient is the Zone at filtering? Dyson claims it can draw out 99 percent of particle pollution. However, you will need to replace the filters at intervals determined by how polluted your environment is.

The headphones part work well, according to people who have tested them. However, as you can expect, the Zone is heavier than your standard pair of headphones. Dyson had to stuff all the hardware inside.

Dyson has not released details like pricing or battery life. However, we will have all the answers when the company does a full reveal later this year.

Written by HackerVibes

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