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DIY methods to keep your plants watered while you are away on vacation

Are you a plant parent planning to travel this holiday period? If yes, you might be concerned about how your precious plants will stay watered while you are away. This is a valid concern because your plants need water, or they die. If you somehow forget about them during your preparation, you will probably return to regret it.

There are some sleek solutions that you can buy off-the-shelf that use impressive tech to keep your plants alive. Some might even send you notifications on your plant welfare. However, you need not spend money to keep your plants watered in your absence.

In this article, we will show you several do-it-yourself methods that don’t cost you much to keep plants watered while you are away. However, these methods only apply to plants that require daily watering.

Use a wick

This method is not new but is very effective. It is also simple and cheap to set up. Assemble the materials that you need; the wick and a container large enough to contain the quantity of water your plants need while you are away.

You can use cotton rope or clothesline, which you can get at the local store.

When you are ready to set up your watering system, place the container beside your plant pot. Cut a piece of the rope and push one end into the soil in your plant pot. Put the other end in the container, making sure the end reaches the bottom of the container.

Pour the appropriate amount of water into the container, and physics will do the rest. Water will rise through the wick into your plant pot and keep your plant fresh while you are vacationing away.

Place your pots in your bath

Since you will be away, your bath will remain unused. So why not recruit it into keeping your plant watered?

This method is also simple but requires your plant pots to have good drainage at or near the bottom.

To use your bathtub, first fill it with a few inches of water. Then place a towel at the bottom, to protect the underside of your pots from leaving scratches in your bathtub. You are now ready to put your pots in the bathtub so that they can draw water into the soil and prevent drying out in your absence.

You must, however, plan for how your plants will get sunlight if they need lots of it. Don’t use this method if your bathroom is usually dark as they won’t be able to make their food.

Cover your plant with a plastic bag

If you are going to be away for long then you should consider this method. You will need a clear plastic bag that can contain your plant with some space to spare.

Start by placing stakes made of wood or plastic in the pot. The aim is to act as a frame that will keep the plastic bag from touching your plant. Water your plant like you do normally. You might be tempted to add more than the usual amount of water, but don’t do so. Put the pot inside the bag and tie it up. To ensure the bag doesn’t cling to the leaves, blow some air into it before tying it up.

The placement of the plastic bag after tying it up is crucial. Make sure it won’t receive direct sunlight so that the bag is not heated up and kill your plant. If you do everything well, this setup will capture water as it evaporates and return it to the plant.

Use a drip bottle

Here, you require an ordinary water bottle. All you need to do is drill some holes at or near the top.

When you are ready to leave, water your plant like nothing is happening, and then fill the bottle with clean water. Turn the bottle upside down and plunge the head into the soil, not too close to the plant. Ensure all the holes on the bottle are buried in the soil.

Water will gradually seep into the soil as it dries up and your plant will be well watered in your absence.

Written by HackerVibes

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