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Disney Plus promises to limit ads to four minutes per hour

Disney Plus will soon be showing ads in an upcoming subscription plan, but it has promised to be of good behavior by limiting how long the ads will run.

If you want to get Disney Plus cheaper, the streaming platform has promised a lower-priced tier. However, you must be ready to put up with some adverts, which will subsidies your plan. Many people are annoyed by ads, which can ruin the watching experience, but Disney Plus says it will try to be as discreet as possible. For each hour of content you consume, the company says you only have to give up 4 minutes for adverts.

Compared to its competitors also offering ad-supported tiers, Disney Plus can’t be fairer. Peacock, owned by NBC, runs ads up to five minutes per hour. HBO Max also does four minutes. Hulu, owned by Disney, runs between nine and 12 ads per hour.

Disney will also be careful about the ads it accepts so as not to tamper with its family-friendly image. So it will not take adverts with adult content, including alcohol and even politics. It will also reject adverts from competitors in the entertainment industry.

More restrictions include not showing ads during watching sessions when the account has a kid’s profile. There will also be no ads during shows targeted at pre-schoolers, regardless of whether the user activates a kids’ profile or not.

Disney first reported it would launch an ad-supported tier starting in the US in 2022, with availability in other countries in 2023. The company has not released details on what the plan will cost, but it should be lower than the $7.99 per month for the most affordable tier without ads.

Unlike Netflix, which lost subscribers last quarter, Disney Plus gained almost 8 million users. Its subscriber base jumped to 44 million in the US and Canada.

Netflix is also planning to introduce an ad-supported tier later this year, in addition to cracking down on password sharing to boost its revenue.

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