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What is destination charging, and why do you need it?

One of the many advantages of electric vehicles is the opportunities to charge the battery. Unlike ICE car owners who drive to a fuel station to refill the tank, EV owners have more flexibility thanks to destination charging. What is destination charging, and what are the benefits to EV and business owners?

Read on to find answers to these questions.

What is destination charging?

Imagine you go to a fuel station to buy fuel for your car. While there, you can stretch your legs as the attendant pumps the fuel into your tank. This process will be over in a few minutes, and you get back on the road.

However, what if, for some reason, buying fuel takes more than 20 minutes? In that case, you would like to do more than just stretch your legs. While pumping is going on, you could go to the restaurant to have some snacks if one is attached to the station.

This last scenario is what destination charging is about, with a few tweaks. If you go to a place where you expect to spend some time, e.g., a shopping mall, you could plug in your car to top up the battery while making your purchases inside the mall. By the time you are done with your primary purpose at the mall, you could have charged enough to drive home.

Since an EV driver might not spend hours at a location, the charger must deliver power quickly. This is why destination chargers are often Level 2.

What are the benefits of destination charging to EV owners?

With destination charging, you as an EV owner have more flexibility in your charging options, unlike your peers driving ICE cars. If you move around frequently during the day as part of your job, perhaps as a marketer, you can top up your battery at different stops during the day, meaning you won’t run out of battery, provided you can find places to charge.

Apart from topping up your battery, destination charging can save you some money as it is often offered free of charge. The cost of fueling and maintaining an electric car is less than that of an ICE car, but you can save even further by taking advantage of opportunities to charge like this. With time, you could establish a routine that will include places offering destination charging.

Destination charging also saves you time. Instead of waiting at a public charging station for your battery level to increase, your time could be spent more productively when you do something else. For example, if your barbershop or hair salon offers destination charging, your battery could fill up while your stylist works on your hair.

Most businesses who offer destination charging list their chargers on maps or online platforms that let you find the ones closest to you through a smartphone app. An example is Zap-Map in the UK.

Benefits of destination charging to business owners

Destination charging can attract customers to your business. When EV owners realize they can top up their batteries while at your premises, they are likely to keep coming to you, meaning you can retain their loyalty easily.

Supporting non-emission mobility is a big draw for people who are conscious of the environment and affect their shopping decisions. Being known for supporting a good cause can help you retain their loyalty as a customer.

As a hotel operator, you could offer destination charging as a perk, just like free Wifi or parking. EV drivers stopping for the night would be glad to plug overnight and wake up to a full battery.

If you would rather have another source of income, you can charge EV owners to use your charging station. You could charge the drivers just enough to maintain the chargers and pay the electricity bill depending on your choice.

As an employer, offering destination charging can help you retain your workers that own and reduce churn.


Destination charging benefits EV drivers and business owners. For the former, it is a way to charge conveniently, productively and save on cost. For the latter, destination charging can attract customers to your business and retain their loyalty. It can also be a source of revenue if monetized.

Written by HackerVibes

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